Thursday, April 8, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) my calender is swamped. things are starting to overlap. it's excites me and frazzles me all at the same time. what's that saying?..."failing to plan is planning to fail." i should be the walking billboard.

2.) true catholic: after picking up the mabster from school, she reported that they played "scotch hop" while outside today. sounds fun to me!

3.) i don't know what it is...perhaps it's something in the air, but i've got the baby itch BAAAAAD. i watch the close bond our girls have with each other and only hope that it lasts as long as it has with me and my sisters. also, i have noticed how much easier things have become with their growing independence that oddly enough, we are craving to add on our last and final baby #3 to complete our family. what's that ringing? oh, it's my ovaries. :o)

4.) that said, if it were up to jay, i'd be knocked up already. i ain't even kidding. however, i don't want to start "trying" till june for so many different reasons that i won't list here. i'm such a planner, ya'll. seriously. in my world, if i can pop out 3 puppies before hitting 30, it'd be perfect.

5.) my favorite thing about this weather is that the preparation time to get out the door has been sliced in half due to less clothing for all. least favorite? high of 86. WTF? it seriously jumped from the 50s to the 80s in no time flat. sweet baby jesus, please stay in the 70s for a bit. i'm beggin' ya!

6.) my oldest kid would dominate if she played on the old nick show "finders keepers." seriously. the little lady has got mad skillz. if i can't find something, she is the first person i ask. two seconds later, she's handing it to me. this could mean because she is observant OR she is the one who hid it in the first place. hmmmm...

7.) the toshy is growing up so fast. with every day that passes, i sit back and watch her and am amazed at everything she catches on to. for example, after watching big sis in gymnastics, she will now bend over and do a forward (well, more like sideways) flip all by herself. it is the cutest thing i have ever seen. sometimes though she gets stuck and you have to give her that extra nudge to roll her over. so.stinkin.cute.

8.) this weekend will be busy fun. we'll be hosting bunco for the girls one night while jay has a guys' poker night the next. then the mabster's soccer game and a fundraiser for a friend that is fighting a horrible battle with cancer. lastly, family pics of all the grandkids together at the botanical gardens, and you can bet it'll be monday before you know it. busy is as fun does.

9.) yesterday, the neighborhood boys were playing with their paintball guns in our backyard. apparently, our stairs make for some good bunkers. i was honestly worried that jay may join in & light'em up. so the mabster heard all the ruckus, peeped out the window, grabbed her flip-flops and said, "can i play with the older boys?" daddy quickly replied, "no. not until you're 30."

10.) 2 splendid things: surprise visits from daddy at soccer practice and over-sized tie-dye tshirts on my midget. **added bonus- when the mabster scores a goal & daddy teaches her the airplane victory run. #fabulous

11.) i believe the smokey yellow fog over b'ham is equivalent to the black smoke monster on the island. it's like the attack of the killer pollen. in other shocking news, LOST has me skeered. some times it gives me the piss jitters. what am i going to do once that show ends? so sad.

12.) we have spent more time outside in the past month that we ever have since living in our house nearly 5 years ago. grilling out and dinners on the back porch, girls jumping on trampoline then playing in the dirt all while the mabster screams at the carpenter bees buzzing around her sweet little head. now that's the good stuff.

and lastly,

13.) in less than 2 weeks, we'll be taking our family vacation to disney world!! words cannot express how excited we are about this. i can't wait to watch the girls (especially the mabster) feel the magic of it all and meet all the princesses. surprisingly, all the kiddie rides do not have a height requirement which means the toshy gets to sit along and experience the fun as well. first stop: "it's a small world" ride. my ALL.TIME.FAVORITE as a little girl. in fact, i'm singing to the catchy jingle now...


Anonymous said...

#3) GO FOR IT!!! me love some new babies i so have baby fever too but im sooooo DONE yes stick a fork in me cause im done! ill just have to settle for my brothers baby due in less than 4 weeks and you of course!! GET HER JASON!! :O

#11) i agree that yellow fog is killing my girl ericka and it is like the 'black smoke' i cant wait to find out what the heck is going on with LOST but i also will be sad when its over!

#13) oh your girls are going to LOVE disneyworld! have a wonderful time! the small world ride was my favorite too!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to Thursdays Thirteen always gives me a good chuckle.


Kim said...

i love your comments, amy! we seriously have too much in common. oh, and jay needs no encouraging. LOL and oh, i hate to hear that ericka's having a hard time with all this nasty pollen...maybe the rain will help her feel better. xoxo

PAMMIE!!!! i didn't realize you read my blog! good seeing you on here, woman! :D