Thursday, April 15, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) this week i've been walking around in a bit of the funk. i found out late sunday night that one of the moms in our moms group lost her 2 y/o little girl in a tragic accident while playing in a neighbor's driveway. it was devastating and felt a bit too close to home when it's someone you know. makes me absolutely heartsick. everyone please keep the dahlen family in your prayers. they surely need it during this difficult time.

2.) the other day, i spent an hour beatifying big bertha. once the super deluxe car wash ended and i jumped out to start vacuuming the inside, i realized that she's actually a dark gray color...not yellow. who knew?

3.) dismal observation: the toddler's chunky thigh rolls are starting to disappear. just like that, the last of the baby fat is wearing thin. sniff-sniff.

4.) dude. people come out of the woodwork to wish you a happy birthday on facebook. seriously. it was nice to hear/see such a simple greeting from friends that were once super close during a different chapter of my life. i was more than impressed and it really made a girl feel loved. thanks, you guys!

5.) fact: "nipple nibblers" make for great chapstick. don't know what i'm talking about? google it. add to cart. you'll thank me later.

6.) this weekend will thankfully not be too busy. the only thing on the agenda is that we want to attend gardendale's "magnolia festival" as a family and of course, abby's soccer game on saturday morning. as for my "me time," i'm going shopping with my birthday money in search of something cute for our upcoming trip...ya know, because a lady doesn't feel as pretty if her outfit is not "new" on vacation, right? i knew ya'll would understand.

7.) the other day, jay called home from work and demanded that i measure the mabster's height. and so i did. apparently, she is tall enough to ride the big disney rides. daddy laughs. an almost evil laugh. mommy says no way, jose.

8.) "life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches, it's more like a jar of jalapenos - what you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow."

9.) i have a "thing" about making sure the house is spotless before leaving out of town. because after all, who wants to come home to a mess after walking through the door when you've got to sort through the mounds of laundry inside the suitcases? not me. so i've been trying to maintain "the clean." mommy needs a nap. and a shower. and a glass of wine. in no particular order. actually, that's a damn lie. gimme the wine.

10.) i think it's the sweetest thing when the neighborhood kiddos come over to ask if the mabster can come out to play. it seriously makes my heart swell up with pride. growing's bittersweet.

11.) word on the street: this will be my last 20-something birthday. it's a gem, i say. *grins cheekily*

12.) i heart our tuesday routine that has started forming for awhile now. it consists of dance class and then lunch with daddy at our favorite deli where the waiter knows our order by heart. this week, jay surprised us (he's all about surprising us lately. and i LUBS it) and showed up to dance class since he had a nearby dentist appointment. he had no intentions of eating lunch with us and denied me twice...but oh, as soon as the mabster asks him, it's a go. i should really learn to use her for my own advantage since she is so damn effective. daddy's a sucka.

and lastly,

13.) "Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts." -Albert Einstein


Elizabeth said...

I am so sorry for your friends! I think if that happened to me I would want someone to go ahead and put me out of my misery right then and there. Can. Not. Imagine. I'll be praying for them.

I think you and I might be soul sistas in addition to AOII sistas. I always agree with and/or identify with the majority of the items in your Thursday Thirteens;)

Anonymous said...


just makes my heart hurt...i read the story in the paper....hits a little to close to home for me. i hope the family will someday find peace...i couldnt imagine nor do i i ever want to imagine such a thing. i also feel so bad for the person you was driving the car....ugh that cant be easy on him


Kim said...

ellie and amy,
i couldn't agree more with you guys. it's all i think about since it's happened, and i couldn't imagine how mom must feel. or the siblings. or dad. or the 17 y/o boy who didn't see her...

just an extremely sad tragic accident that no words could make right...augh.