Thursday, April 29, 2010

thursday's thirteen...or thirty...

(disclaimer: since i skipped last week's edition of "thursday's 13" due to being out of town, i am making up for it now. the easy way. which simply consists of cut and pasting from my twitter account. all my random thoughts have to go somewhere, right? here they go...)

1.) I blog. Therefore, I tweet.

2.) Just shotgunned my kid's juice box because I lost the straw. #MadSkillz

3.) Quiet house. Fresh air. New Pottery Barn catalogs. Life is good.

4.) webster defines "jungle gym" as a structure of vertical and horizontal rods where children can climb and play. my kiddos definition? mommy.

5.) Running my mouth on the phone all morning when I realized the little one fell asleep on me. Love, love, love...

6.) Confession: Mike Rowe is a damn hottie. Dirty and all. I'd let him do me. #OhYesIWould

7.) big sis tells baby sis, "don't eat the play-doh because i don't eat it anymore." well there you have it...

8.) it's wine-o'clock and grilling time on the back porch, baby!!

9.) "Patience is a virtue, as long as I am not the one exercising it." -Sarcasm Society

10.) Is amazed at how much I can get done while the kiddos and daddy play outside all day. Totally a win-win.

11.) Wishes I could take home the little old lady who works at my local Chick-Fil-A. She's as sweet as the day is long.

12.) Tim McGraw said it best when he sang, "All I wanna do is be with you and watch the wind blow by..." #GawgeousDayPeople

13.) Jake is crying again. He seriously needs some Vagisil. Stat. #DWTS

14.) Vegas trip with the bestest besties: Booked.

15.) Ahhh, mosquitos are out and in full force already. Fantastic.

16.) Loves when a song comes on the radio and the mabster starts singing to every word. It gives me the warm & fuzzies.

17.) The Hubs deserves some sort of award after our family vacation. he is definitely the King of our castle. #MagicalMemoriesIndeed

18.) Just left doc. After losing 52 pounds from being my heaviest, my blood pressure is perfect. Best news I've heard all week!

19.) That's the only time I wish we had a dog. Ha! @YankeBell: Does not appreciate that B thinks wiping her crumbs onto the floor is cleaning up.

20.) Opposing coach on the red team is a tad bit overly competitive.'s 3 year old soccer. #SimmerDownNow And the winning streak has ceased. Boo. Hiss.

21.) Ponders if a Disney character ever gets too hot inside the costumes & passes out. If so, you'd assume that one would immediately tear head off and assess the individual. That said, I bet that absolutely terrifies a bunch of young ones. Hehehe. Deep Thoughts by Kimtastic.

22.) J: "wanna know what's the best about being around all these countries?" K: "?" J: "you can fart & blame it on the Norwegian or Mexican food."

23.) ate sun chips out of their new completely 100% compostable bag for lunch today. #HappyEarthDay

24.) the mabster broke her shoe, fixed it, and then screamed, "good as new!"

and lastly (these are non-tweets),

25.) earlier this week, i enrolled little lyla for her first ever dance class. it'll be her very first extra-curricular activity without mommy in the room, and luckily, she is in the same class with her friend Kolee-Brook. i can't wait to watch them two tip-toe around in their tutus. :o)

26.) this weekend, karla maria and i will be leaving bright and early on friday morning to meet up with the girls for slammy's bachelorette party down in PC Beach. we are so excited to catch some rays and party on slammy's old stomping grounds. gotta love a great girls only weekend!

27.) while i'm gone, jay will be playing the role of "mr. mom." get this...he'll be taking the girls early saturday morning for the mabster's soccer pictures and then dart over and get her ready for her dance dress rehearsal. i've already showed him how to fix her hair all by himself. let's keep our fingers crossed that it looks decent. and that my friends, is why i married the BEST.DAMN.DADDY.IN.THE.WORLD.

28.) also, we are helping co-host a baby shower for our friends, drew and heather. however, i will not be there, but jay will be attending while lola watches the girls. can't wait to meet that baby, drew and heather!

29.) so i'll get back on sunday just in time for the mabster's actual dance recital at the alabama theater. both sides of our family will be there to cheer on our sweet little girl, and who knows, this proud momma may just tear up. i can't wait!!


Anonymous said...

RE: #7 abby is the best big sister EVER! LOVE IT! made me giggle.

cant wait to see jasons version of how you told him to do abbys hair. im giving him a 10+++++ and i havent even seen it yet...i have FAITH jason! i know you can do it!


Kim said...

he did surprisingly good, amy! with abby's at least. lyla's side ponytail however stuck straight up. it was hilarious!