Monday, May 31, 2010

lake day #5 of memorial weekend

monday was more low key considering lola, tita karmie, tita karla, uncle tre, and cousin carson all left the day before since the nurses were scheduled to work. we slept hard the night before, and it felt nice waking up to a not rushed morning with beautiful weather at the lake. the BFFs met us at our dock around 11am where our girls practically ate all of their luncheon meat and oreos. soon we all piled into jay's boat where he took us tubing. it was the very first time for both lyla and CJ to go tubing and they LOVED it. well actually, CJ i think fell asleep while lyla and i sat in the middle where you get the most bounce. she thought it was so funny as she purposely bounced her head up and down even when the water was smooth. that one will be our fearless daredevil, i believe. god love her.after tubing for awhile, we continue to cruise around (my absolute most favorite). jay turns on the tunes and we just drive. for hours. with the wind in on hair and the sun kissing our skin. seems like the girls love boat rides just as much as we do. at first they played under the fort that daddy made for them by draping a towel into the glove box and over the passenger chair. they just seemed to camp out under there, giggling and talking to each other. later, we set them up on the front of the boat beside me where lyla fell asleep on big sis as they held each other's hand. my god, this is what motherhood is all about. i damn near teared up after watching them two. love, love, LOVE my girls...we continue tubin' and cruisin' till it was time to stop at Rock Creek Marina to fill up on gas. it's tradition to do two things while here: 1.) feed the fish crackers, and 2.) get the kids "ring pops" for the ride back home. thanks to mitchelle, these feats were made possible. also, see the guy filling up the boat? that's sammy. and he rocks. yay for lake season!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

lake day #4 of memorial weekend

sunday was the day that we decided to have close friends come up and help celebrate memorial day with us. jay started grilling out early that morning considering he cooked the biggest tenderloin i have ever seen. with all seriousness, it barely fit on the grill. feeding an army? i guess so. thankfully, he started early because around 10am or so the sky fell out. it rained and it rained. and then it rained some more. in all honesty, i thought it would never stop. here's a view from the sunroom. it wasn't pretty. like any smart woman, lyla did what she does best...throw up her nose and back a rib. or two. actually, make that three...everyone who came brought up a side dish while we supplied the meat. we talked, ate, and let the munchkins play until finally the rain had ceased. alleluia! the clouds parted and the good times came rolling in. we all got the kiddos ready and headed down to the dock where we swam and played on the party island. it was just the beginning, my friend. here are some pics...later the mitchelle family arrived from boat after waiting out the rain from their cabin across the lake. at this point, it got super sunny. and guess who has two thumbs and was super happy about it? this guy!! next adventure: cruisin' and tubin'. half of us rode on the boat while the other half stayed and soaked up some vitamin D that was finally shining over us.later we arrived back at the dock where we all shot the breeze and watched the kiddies swim around like fishies. notice mamaw's shirt. it was gift we gave her for christmas, and i was pretty excited to see her wearing it. now i know how people feel when they see my girls wearing something they gave them. it's a nice feeling of appreciation. i'll have take more consideration into things like that. here are some pics...the fun eventful day is winding down. some make the drive back home while others goof around with us a little longer. we eat dinner with wet heads and nearly pass out from exhaustion. the youngsters make a fort out of towels (btw, my girls are HUGE into making forts right now. i think it's adorable) in the sun/play room while the guys are in the den watching the UFC fights on the tele. overall, it was a great memorial celebration with good people!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

hot-air balloons and slides, oh my!

saturday after the birthday party, we drove back up to the lakehouse where we met up with lola, karmie, karla, tre, and cousin carson (pawpaw had to work). we hung out for a little bit before packing a picnic and some necessities in preparation of attending the 33rd Alabama Jubilee Hot-Air Balloon Classic at Point Mallard Park in Decatur. this was a first for all of us and we were really excited to go. we weren't sure how the weather was going to cooperate and prayed for no rain. luckily, we got there at the most perfect time to witness all of the hot-air balloons being blown up at once. it was a gorgeous sight and the kiddos were in awe. it never rained (thank goodness), but it was super windy in which the balloons stayed tethered to the ground while we were there. it was absolutely beautiful...later, uncle tre brought back balloons for the kids and a blanket for a picnic. the kids loved their balloons and went nutso running around while holding them. soon we all sat down, got settled, and watched everything around us. it was a really great night to be outdoors in an open field with family and listening to live music. here are some pics...after listening to the mabster repeatedly request to go on the inflatable slides that she saw as we were first walking in, we decided that it would be a good time to go before it got dark. so we headed off to the play area where they had a lot of carnival rides, games, food, and the such. jay buys tickets for the kiddos and off they go. uncle tre and daddy took carson and lyla down one slide while tita karmie went down the super high tiger one with abby. happy feet and toshy loved it. the mabster? it scared the beejesus outta her. and it was pretty funny. take a close look at the's almost as if tita karmie is clenching her tiny arms saying, "do it!" while the mabster is in a pure state of panic. ahh, but it's nothing the arms of her daddy can't fix (again, notice she is clutching on tightly to his shirt). so sweet.all in all, we thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be back next year. these are the memories i hope my kids never forget. lastly, i will leave you with this quote since it deems fitting...

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." - Benjamin Franklin

happy 1st birthday, savannah!!

saturday morning, jay drove down with the girls, picked me up at home, and then we all headed to a birthday party in honor of savannah's first birthday. all the kiddos played inside since it was raining. the girls absolutely love the playroom downstairs and enjoyed playing with their friends. here's a picture of savannah's ladybug birthday cake and the group photo...after the kids played while the parents watched and chatted, it was time to sing "happy birthday" to the special girl. we watched her tear into her first piece of cake ever and it was adorable.overall, it was a great birthday party and we all had a wonderful time. lyla was so exhausted that she fell asleep holding her balloon during the whole 2 hour car ride back to the lakehouse. so stinkin' sweet. happy first birthday, savannah! we love you! xoxo

Friday, May 28, 2010

girls night out

after playing at the lake all day, i drove back to birmingham while jay stayed at the lakehouse with our munchkins as well as lola and pawpaw. reason being is because i had previous plans of an oh-so-wonderful and much-needed girls night out. i met up with friends for sushi at sumo's in patton creek around 5:30pm. after dinner and drinks, we walked over to the rave theater in order to watch Sex and The City 2 at 7:00pm. here's a picture of us waiting outside the theater while everyone got their tickets...we were so excited to see this movie. i have been a SATC fanatic for as long as i can remember, and i honestly think it was the first set of dvd series that i ever owned way back in my college days. so i won't spoil anything here for those who might have not seen it yet. i know it may have received some bad reviews, but i loved it. admittedly, some scenes were overplayed, but my hands down favorite scene was when charlotte and miranda got drunk and talked about motherhood. it was hilarious. all in all, a great night with the girls watching my favorite SATC girls!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

lake day 1 & 2

thursday was a good day. why? because it was the start of our long eventful memorial weekend at the lake. once jay got off work early, we loaded up big bertha and headed to our summer's second home. we met lola and pawpaw at the lakehouse and got settled in. lola made chicken and rice for dinner, and it was delicious. soon after, both of the girls fell asleep sharing the mabster's bed. it was so sweet.we woke up friday morning pleased with the beautiful weather. jay helped pawpaw knock down the rest of the trailer walls while lola (of course) burned what she could in her little bonfire. the girls and i stayed inside away from the destruction and blaze of glory. soon everyone came inside for lunch, and then we headed down to the water. here's what remains of the trailer on lola and pawpaw's side lot. nothing but a wooden i slather the girls up in SPF 70, spray some 15 on jay's shoulders, and rub accelerator on myself (hehe). i gotsta earn that tan, baby! we swim for a bit and then jump on the boat for a leisurely cruise. soon enough, both of my babies were crawling and sitting in mama bear's lap. i bundled them up in towels while they either "played possum" or actually fell asleep. i couldn't really tell. they were still. they were quiet. that's all that matters. i loved every second of it.