Sunday, May 2, 2010

abby's ballet recital

sunday, the mabster had her first real ballet recital with the Children's Dance Foundation at the Alabama Theater. her spring performance started at 1:00pm, and she was dressed with her class as the butterflies that danced to the storyline of "The House Above the Trees." they were the third group to go out and dance. it was the sweetest thing watching her up on that big bright stage.

that said, i was very anxiously excited to see how she would act. i know my daughter, and i know that she absolutely clams up when all attention is on her. so it was no surprise when she first came out and sat there quietly with a look of almost panic as she stared out into the crowd. luckily, we were all sitting in the front rows right in front of her so when she spotted us, she gave a slight grin and a waved. right then, my heart melted. she's so shy and quiet at times that it seriously gives me the goosebumps knowing how much i know her. soon, she was dancing around and jumping over the flowers along with her classmates and BFF "big B." here are some pics...the mabster's group performance lasted about 10 minutes, and then the other classes followed. at the very end, all of the classes walked out on the stage together as they all sang, "Oh, Hepatica" (which btw, my kid now sings daily. daddy too. no lie.) the overall recital lasted a little over an hour, and i have to admit that watching all of the little girls in their beautiful costumes was pretty heartwarming. kids are so darn cute, i tell ya. so after the show ended, we all embraced the mabster with hugs, kisses, and congratulatory "good jobs!" we were all so proud of her, and it was super cute watching her as she tried to hold all of her flowers. later, we continued celebrating with family with dinner at Habaneros. thank you to all who came and supported our sweet little girl. great job, abby! we love you!! XOXO


Elizabeth said...

I canNOT wait for dance recitals! I am loving her outfit, the fact that the whole family came and the fact that they all brought her flowers. That is so awesome.

*Yankee Belle* said...

So stinking cute!