Tuesday, May 25, 2010

abby's spring program

this post is a bit overdue so i apologize (a ridiculously cute toddler stole my camera and swiped the memory card clean. luckily, daddy was able to retrieve the pics). so a couple of weeks ago, the mabster had her spring program which meant the ending of a school year. sniff-sniff. this is the very first spring program that we've ever attended and both jay and i were impressed at the presentation of it all. the mabster's art work and candid pictures of herself were displayed throughout the parish hall. look closely and you can find the mabster's...furthermore, family members were invited to come, and of course, lola and pawpaw came to see their sweet grandbaby. after browsing around the room, we all sat down as the kids poured out onto the stage where they began singing all of the songs and prayers that they have learned throughout the school year. this included the alphabet, numbers, halloween songs, thanksgiving songs, christmas songs, easter songs, the hail mary, the our father, the blessing, and every cute little jingle you've never heard. really ya'll, it was beyond adorable and abby did great.after they sang all their songs with the help of mrs. lisa to guide them along, we all said the blessing, grabbed our kid while smothering her in congratulatory hugs and kisses, and then sat down in our seats while enjoying lunch. we are so proud of you, abby, and the little lady you are growing up to be. you were absolutely beautiful up there! xoxo


*Yankee Belle* said...

I love our girls, their school and our church. woo woo!