Saturday, May 1, 2010

bachelorette party!

saturday morning, we all oversleep till about 10am and then grab some brunch. after dodging the gazillion bikers around us, we made it back to our condo where we quickly changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the beach. we were so glad that the rain had ceased, and that the sun made an appearance even if it was a slight bit of an overcast. needless to say, KM and i still got sunburned. like a lobster. oops. so we lay out for hours and of course, take a couple of cheesy pics. here they are...we turn in around 4:00pm and start getting ready for dinner plans at mikato japanese steak house. their sushi and scallops were sooo good and cheaper than the norm. more of slammy's friends met up with us at dinner which started the beginning of her bachelorette party. check out jaime's happy buddha drink. it was so damn ridiculously cute that i was envious for not ordering one.after dinner, we all headed back to the condo for more drinks and slammy's lingerie shower. which by the way included a big gift card from all of us and a bunch of super raunchy sex toys. i even finally departed with the 18 inch double dong that KM gave me for my bachelorette party nearly 5 years ago. i know, i was hard. since slammy is the last out of all of us to get hitched, i felt she deserved it the most. hehe. also, slammy's birthday was on the upcoming monday so we celebrated that as well.once we were done "pre-celebrating," we jumped on board the bachelorette party bus! it was awesome. the music was so loud that we just danced and danced until we ended up at Tootsies in the pier park area. the place was great. just a big ole honky tonk filled with a bunch of bikers singing and dancing to "achey breaky heart." i only wish i was kidding. but in all seriousness, it really was a lot of fun. slammy of course performed all the drunken bachelorette rituals like getting to be pulled up on stage while the band sang, dancing on the bar tops while the waitresses poured tequila down her throat, so on and so forth. we took pics with some bikers who were honestly just some plain ole good people. here are some pics...later, we bar hopped to the nearby spots and ended up inside Hofbrau where some of the girls threw back a ski shot in front of the whole bar while the guy rang a cow bell and screamed something in german. i don't know what the shot consisted of, but i was there to capture the moment with a pic. also throughout the night, slammy had a bachelorette check list which included 1.) taking a picture on a bike, 2.) taking a picture with a cop, 3.) kissing a bald head, etc. needless to say, she did a pretty good job of completing the list. back inside the party bus, tiffany busts out a flip on the ceiling rails and in all honesty, it was really impressive. overall, we had a great time and can't wait for slammy and jeremy's big day. YAY!!