Saturday, May 8, 2010

buck creek festival

saturday night since jay was out with his buddies watching the UFC fights at his jiu jitsu gym, i decided to have a quality date night with my girls and the other triwinkie BFF. since the weather actually felt like spring with little to no humidity along with the coolest breeze that made you shiver with happiness, we decided to head on over to helena's buck creek festival. the girls sat in the wagon as we strolled around from booth to booth. i bought some super cute jewelry (3 necklaces all with matching earrings) for only $10 total. can't beat that! i also bought the mabster a super cute dress. there was a live band playing great music as we stopped and ate some fried green tomatoes with freshly squeezed lemonade...i know, i know, i'll be hitting up the gym this week for sure. hehe. here are some when we first arrived, the mabster caught sight of the bungee jumping trampoline thingy (you like how i appropriately named that, no?). she insisted on wanting to do it. repeatedly. i told her that if she was a good girl and stayed in the wagon, that she could do it before we leave. unlike sweet little lyla who tried to jump out of the wagon any chance she got, she sat perfectly still the whole time. i'm a woman of my word so off we went while YB walked around with CJ and lyla.

okay. so this is the first time ever for the mabster to go on one of these things. she swears she really wants to do it and is SO excited. i know how much she absolutely loves jumping and flipping around in gymnastics that i thought, "hmmm, this may be a good idea." so the guy hooks her up in the harnesses. ya'll, she weighs a solid 34 pounds soaking wet. so he straps her in, gives her one good bounce on the trampoline, and i am not even kidding when i say that she flew up a good 40 feet and nearly touched the sky. to be honest, it scared the shat out of me. seriously made me grab my chest by the shock of the initial leap. my kid went flying, dude. she got quiet, i saw the look of panic in her eyes, and then she just started mumbling something. i told the dude to bring her back down some because she's scared and doesn't want to go that high. he ever so nicely obliges, and now she is bouncing at half of the height she was previously. whew. now she's all like, "this is fun!" filled with giggles and a big smile. the dude and i tell her that she's doing a great job. and she did. no sooner than she gets off and unattached, she looks at me and says, "mommy, i wasn't scared...well, i was at first. but then, then i wasn't scared..." **SIGH**after that, i figured we should end the night with some yummy dippin' dots ice cream. the girls thought it was the neatest thing considering it was their first experience with the "ice cream of the future." all in all, it was a great night and i'm so glad we went. festivals freakin' rock. everything about them, i say.