Sunday, May 16, 2010

charming cullman

sunday morning, we drove up to cullman in honor of pawpaw's (my dad's deceased dad's) decoration. this is where everyone at Liberty First Baptist brings a dish and enjoys lunch after putting decorations on their beloved one's grave. we pay our respects every year since his death and enjoy being with family, especially with mamaw. after eating and chatting, we all laughed as little lyla tried to shove a cookie down cousin carson's throat. it was uber cute and so damn funny. also, tita karmie gave the kids some popsicles which of course were much appreciated by the little midgets. oh, and thanks to lola for lyla's cute little red dress. it's adorable. here are some after decoration, we all drive about 5 minutes down to the the lake house. upon parking big bertha, we notice pawpaw's impressive new display sitting in front of the house. what was it? his very own wooden bear that he carved himself from one of the trees that had to be chopped down at their home in CP. the bear is great. the bear is big. and the bear is heavy. pawpaw said that if anyone ever tries to steal him, that he definitely won't be chasing after them. yes. apparently, it's that heavy. we love the bear and feel that he seems to fit so appropriately sitting there, guarding the lakehouse in a once we get inside, lola shows us the new furniture that they moved into the sun/playroom. i guess i shouldn't really call it "new" considering it's a 1970s couch that was taken from the trailer that sits on the lot beside us that they purchased last year. yes, the trailer came with the lot and my dad is trying to get rid of it. anyone need some scrap metal? oh, also lola showed the kids her bag full of beanie babies that she bought at the junior league sale recently. she swears they will come back even bigger one day, and quite honestly, i wouldn't be surprised if they did. later, pawpaw measured cousin carson on the wall since it's tradition to measure each grandkid's height after each birthday. in all honesty, i really like this tradition and find it pretty neat-o. here are some the kids are playing in the sunroom when they start climbing in pawpaw's work wagon. lyla's trying to pull the thing because she is obsessed with wagons right now, but is getting frustrated because it's entirely too big for her. pawpaw sees this and decides to load them all up in it and take them for a stroll on the back dirt road. again, i love my family because it's these little moments that in their eyes seem so wonderful. so they pile in, and pawpaw starts pulling them up and down the road. lyla lays down and could have easily taken her nap in the thing. soon tita karmie arrives with (you guessed it) more popsicles, and the munchkins go crazy while screaming out which color they want.lastly, what i'm about to share was the highlight of my day. so while helping tita karmie get something out of her car, she showed me the "vocations prayer" book that father o'conner gave her a couple of weeks ago. she told me that she's always loved nuns and what they stand for, but up until recently, she's really put a lot of thought into maybe perhaps becoming one. so she said she prayed and prayed about it, and then the next day, she received a phone call from her priest where he told her that he wanted her to carry it around, as well as, help SBS continue to stay a great catholic school within the diocese. talk about a sign from God, no? but seriously, how awesome would that be to have a sister who is a sister of God!? seriously. i think that flippin' ROCKS!! now i'm not sure how serious tita karmie is about this right now so i really hope i'm not offending her by talking about it here. i mean after all, she did let me take pictures of it so i assume she knows it's going in the blog. if not, call me asap so i can delete this and instead label you a sinner. HA! love you, tita karmie. and thanks for being my green card into heaven one day. pray for us. XOXO


*Yankee Belle* said...

But I still want to call her 'Kool' Sister Kool it will be. ;) I say 'JUST DO IT."