Friday, May 21, 2010

family date night

wanna know one (of the very few) reasons why i love the fact that our girls are growing up so fast? i'll tell's how much more fun going places can be. sharing special little moments out of the ordinary that in their eyes, they deem "neat-o."

so friday night, we decided to take the girls to the movie theater to see Shrek Forever After. they've been on a shrek kick for the past month or so, and it's all they want to watch while riding in the car. admittedly, jay and i like the movies too so we figured, "why not? let's see it as a family activity." we ventured out to the rave theater in vestavia for a showing at 5:30pm. the movie lasted an hour and a half, and surprisingly held BOTH of the girls' attention till the very end. we all shared popcorn and laughed a lot. my favorite line in the whole movie was when donkey asked, "are my babies cute or do they make people uncomfortable?" it was great, and overall a super cute after the movie ended, we walked across the street to the little shopping area and ate dinner at Buffalo's American Grill. no lie, the place made you feel like you were at the beach. they had live music, opened garage doors to the patio, fresh breezes, and the touristy-feel with huge wicker seats. i loved it. the mabster danced the whole time while waiting for our food, and before going home, the girls begged and begged to throw a penny in the fountain in order to make a wish. all in all, a great family date night. i definitely foresee more of these in our future.