Monday, May 24, 2010

farewell MDO!

today was the mabster's last day at OLS's Mom's Day Out program. she'll be taking a break this summer and hanging out with lyla and i (preferably at the pool) until she starts real school in 4-K (three times a week) in the fall. ack!! REAL school, people!! kindergarten, people!! i digress. panic attack diverted. i am thankful however that she will be in the same class as a lot of her fellow friends. the thought makes this mommy happy. so i wanted to take this time to thank mrs. lisa for being a great first teacher for my sweet little girl. she has made dropping her off every morning so easy knowing that she's in good hands...also, here's a picture of the mabster with some of her classmates/friends. see the little boy in the blue shirt? that's "timmity" (aka timothy)...and he's sweet on the mabster. she claims him as her boyfriend because "he always puts his head up, smiles, and talks a lot to me." gotta respect the love language of 3 year olds. lastly, the mabster received a gift on her last day of school along with a popsicle. once inside our car, she opened it up and revealed a foam bead kit in which to make necklaces and the such with. yeah, she was stoked and already threading a necklace before we even made it to the grocery store. arts and crafts RULE!!