Friday, May 28, 2010

girls night out

after playing at the lake all day, i drove back to birmingham while jay stayed at the lakehouse with our munchkins as well as lola and pawpaw. reason being is because i had previous plans of an oh-so-wonderful and much-needed girls night out. i met up with friends for sushi at sumo's in patton creek around 5:30pm. after dinner and drinks, we walked over to the rave theater in order to watch Sex and The City 2 at 7:00pm. here's a picture of us waiting outside the theater while everyone got their tickets...we were so excited to see this movie. i have been a SATC fanatic for as long as i can remember, and i honestly think it was the first set of dvd series that i ever owned way back in my college days. so i won't spoil anything here for those who might have not seen it yet. i know it may have received some bad reviews, but i loved it. admittedly, some scenes were overplayed, but my hands down favorite scene was when charlotte and miranda got drunk and talked about motherhood. it was hilarious. all in all, a great night with the girls watching my favorite SATC girls!


Anonymous said...

Kim, I couldn't agree with you more...miranda and charlottes motherhood talk was on the money...i couldn't agree more with what they said anymore....sometimes i feel so alone in this matter but now i know we all feel this way at times.
i'm searching for my very own "erin go braless" as we speak! talk about hilarious!!!
i thought it was great i know it got some bad reviews and i understand why but i just enjoyed catching up with my 4 favorite ladies!

Kim said...

oh amy, you should never feel alone with that matter...i don't care who you are, every mother shares those feelings of incapability. i hope you fine your "erin go braless" soon!!

that was my favorite part in the movie when charlotte said, "my first thought was...i don't want to find another nanny!" too funny. i loved it ALL!!