Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!

so remember when i blogged about that playdate where the girls made personalized pottery? well, here are the pics of the finished result...super cute, right? they made me the big dish with their hand prints and a monogrammed "D" in the middle with colors to match my kitchen motif. they also made lola, nana lin, and the nan their very own personalized soap dispensers. which by the way, they positively adored.

okay so let's back track, shall we? jay's been asking me for some time what would i want for mother's day. ya'll, i hadn't and still haven't a clue. at this time, there is nothing i absolutely want or need so i told him to just put the money and thought into our next vacation which will be just the two of us (woot-woot!!). because in all honesty, fifteen years from now, i'll remember quality moments in a trip and not dead flowers. just my opinion. anywayz, my day starts off by being allowed to oversleep. he makes breakfast, does the dishes, and gives the girls a bath. not a shabby start, not at all. later i start moving around, and the mabster hands me this: a creation that her, daddy, and baby sis created together. LOVE.IT.after a relaxing morning, we get ready and perform our "mommy rounds" on such a special day. first stop: the nan's house. we walk through the door, and the girls smother the nan with hugs and kisses. then, we move into the kitchen where the nan gives the girls some cookies while she opens up her presents. so remember when we got all of the great-grandbabies together for a group picture at the botanical gardens? this is where that gorgeous pic came into play. needless to say, the nan opens her gift and starts crying. she loves it that much. **heart smiles** again, hugs and kisses are flying everywhere while love fills the room. happy mother's day, nan!second stop: nana lin's house. so we walk through the door and find nana lin in the sun/cat room where one of her cats was having kittens. she proceeds to show us which cats have done well in her recent competitions as she tells us their names and personality trait of each. it was super cute, and the girls loved looking and petting at them. nana lin also showed us her newest kitty who "At 4 weeks, my next show hopeful. If he keeps looking good he'll be named Recalculating....(since that's what I hear from the garmin the most when I travel!) His magnificent half brother is NW GC Cacao Xcitement, hope he can follow in his brothers "paw" steps!!" lyla loved petting his little head and mommy did too. so nana lin opened up her gift and loved it. she said that she was a sentimental love fool when it comes to gifts like that. happy mother's day, nana lin!last and final stop: dinner with lola. we decided to celebrated mother's day with my side of the family at our local Logan's steakhouse. it's currently lola's favorite place to eat since it's so good and fairly inexpensive. much to our surprise, there wasn't much of a wait at all. thank goodness. i expected it to be horrendous so i was very thankful that the place wasn't packed out. we all sit down and eat, and then later, lola opens up her presents from all of us. she adores it and gives the kiddos hugs. while at dinner, pawpaw puts his hat on the mabster's head as she just laughed and smiled. towards the end, we take our group family picture and chat awhile outside. happy mother's day, lola!after dinner, we hang out outside for a bit while pawpaw shows the mabster his new "magic coloring book." honestly, the thing is pretty neat. so he shows the mabster (as well as cousin carson and lyla, however, they are still too little to actual "get it") how it works. he flips through the book and all the pages are just plain black and white pictures. pawpaw then tells abby to say the magic word, and then BAM, he flips through it again, and all the pages are now magically colored. it was pretty darn impressive. lola gave lyla some new clothes that are super cute, and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful day spent filled with family that we love and cherish. hope everyone had a fantastic mother's day! XOXO
Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs since the payment is pure love. ~ Mildred Vermont