Monday, May 3, 2010

kids gym

on mondays while the mabster is in school, i really enjoy my one-on-one time with lyla. i am simply amazed at how much more she attempts to sing, talk, and dance when it's just the two of us. so once we drop off big sis at school, we head on over to Kids Gym to play with her friends (cousin carson, kolee-brook, and mason). they are all around the same age and so sweet to watch as they interact.lyla loves playing in the ball pit, climbing UP the slides, helping push her friends in the swing, and giving bear hugs to cousin carson. she is SO utterly affectionate and cuddly that she will only greet someone with a hug...i believe she's definitely a sorority girl in the making. HA! her favorite activity at kids gym though is riding on the roller coaster toy. she is fearless and usually goes down it, leaning back and clutching with one hand. i lover her. so incredibly much. and i am very thankful that i get to spend this time with her since she is obviously growing up so fast. she's no longer a baby, but a growing big girl. we love you, lyla bug!! XOXO