Thursday, May 27, 2010

lake day 1 & 2

thursday was a good day. why? because it was the start of our long eventful memorial weekend at the lake. once jay got off work early, we loaded up big bertha and headed to our summer's second home. we met lola and pawpaw at the lakehouse and got settled in. lola made chicken and rice for dinner, and it was delicious. soon after, both of the girls fell asleep sharing the mabster's bed. it was so sweet.we woke up friday morning pleased with the beautiful weather. jay helped pawpaw knock down the rest of the trailer walls while lola (of course) burned what she could in her little bonfire. the girls and i stayed inside away from the destruction and blaze of glory. soon everyone came inside for lunch, and then we headed down to the water. here's what remains of the trailer on lola and pawpaw's side lot. nothing but a wooden i slather the girls up in SPF 70, spray some 15 on jay's shoulders, and rub accelerator on myself (hehe). i gotsta earn that tan, baby! we swim for a bit and then jump on the boat for a leisurely cruise. soon enough, both of my babies were crawling and sitting in mama bear's lap. i bundled them up in towels while they either "played possum" or actually fell asleep. i couldn't really tell. they were still. they were quiet. that's all that matters. i loved every second of it.