Sunday, May 30, 2010

lake day #4 of memorial weekend

sunday was the day that we decided to have close friends come up and help celebrate memorial day with us. jay started grilling out early that morning considering he cooked the biggest tenderloin i have ever seen. with all seriousness, it barely fit on the grill. feeding an army? i guess so. thankfully, he started early because around 10am or so the sky fell out. it rained and it rained. and then it rained some more. in all honesty, i thought it would never stop. here's a view from the sunroom. it wasn't pretty. like any smart woman, lyla did what she does best...throw up her nose and back a rib. or two. actually, make that three...everyone who came brought up a side dish while we supplied the meat. we talked, ate, and let the munchkins play until finally the rain had ceased. alleluia! the clouds parted and the good times came rolling in. we all got the kiddos ready and headed down to the dock where we swam and played on the party island. it was just the beginning, my friend. here are some pics...later the mitchelle family arrived from boat after waiting out the rain from their cabin across the lake. at this point, it got super sunny. and guess who has two thumbs and was super happy about it? this guy!! next adventure: cruisin' and tubin'. half of us rode on the boat while the other half stayed and soaked up some vitamin D that was finally shining over us.later we arrived back at the dock where we all shot the breeze and watched the kiddies swim around like fishies. notice mamaw's shirt. it was gift we gave her for christmas, and i was pretty excited to see her wearing it. now i know how people feel when they see my girls wearing something they gave them. it's a nice feeling of appreciation. i'll have take more consideration into things like that. here are some pics...the fun eventful day is winding down. some make the drive back home while others goof around with us a little longer. we eat dinner with wet heads and nearly pass out from exhaustion. the youngsters make a fort out of towels (btw, my girls are HUGE into making forts right now. i think it's adorable) in the sun/play room while the guys are in the den watching the UFC fights on the tele. overall, it was a great memorial celebration with good people!


*Yankee Belle* said...

I was about to say - there has to be ONE picture of me throwing up the peace sign. Then I saw it. =P