Monday, May 31, 2010

lake day #5 of memorial weekend

monday was more low key considering lola, tita karmie, tita karla, uncle tre, and cousin carson all left the day before since the nurses were scheduled to work. we slept hard the night before, and it felt nice waking up to a not rushed morning with beautiful weather at the lake. the BFFs met us at our dock around 11am where our girls practically ate all of their luncheon meat and oreos. soon we all piled into jay's boat where he took us tubing. it was the very first time for both lyla and CJ to go tubing and they LOVED it. well actually, CJ i think fell asleep while lyla and i sat in the middle where you get the most bounce. she thought it was so funny as she purposely bounced her head up and down even when the water was smooth. that one will be our fearless daredevil, i believe. god love her.after tubing for awhile, we continue to cruise around (my absolute most favorite). jay turns on the tunes and we just drive. for hours. with the wind in on hair and the sun kissing our skin. seems like the girls love boat rides just as much as we do. at first they played under the fort that daddy made for them by draping a towel into the glove box and over the passenger chair. they just seemed to camp out under there, giggling and talking to each other. later, we set them up on the front of the boat beside me where lyla fell asleep on big sis as they held each other's hand. my god, this is what motherhood is all about. i damn near teared up after watching them two. love, love, LOVE my girls...we continue tubin' and cruisin' till it was time to stop at Rock Creek Marina to fill up on gas. it's tradition to do two things while here: 1.) feed the fish crackers, and 2.) get the kids "ring pops" for the ride back home. thanks to mitchelle, these feats were made possible. also, see the guy filling up the boat? that's sammy. and he rocks. yay for lake season!!