Sunday, May 23, 2010

lakein' it

sunday morning, we drove up to the lake in order to enjoy the beautiful day. tita karmie rode up with us, and as soon as we got there, we met up with mamaw at the farmhouse, put the boat in the water, and enjoyed cruising around for a bit. it was so nice with the vitamin D and breeze beating down on our faces. ahh, i live for lake season.

(side note)
oh, so i bought jay a captain's hat the last time we were at the beach. as soon as i saw it, i knew i had to get reminds me so much of T-Pain's "i'm on a boat" video and is all around pure awesomeness. btw, he LOVES it and wore it all day. even when just sitting on the couch eating his lunch. LOL. here are some our captain is cruising us around out on the lake when whattayaknow, the marine police pull us over. oh yes, they did. a boat filled with kids and a grandma...nice. but in all honesty, we were glad they did because it made us aware that the fire extinguisher had gone bad already, thus requiring a new one. safety first, ladies and gentlemen. they checked a few other things, and we got away with a warning for one and a ticket for the other. luckily, it was a cheap one.

so we head back to our dock because by this time, we are so hawt and ready to go swimming. the water felt amazing. the top 2 feet was warm with some cold spots here and there. we all got in and did what we do best. FLOAT. later, jay and karmie blew up the party island float and again, a good time was had. we ended up staying at the lakehouse all night since we wanted to watch the LOST series finale that started at 6:00pm and ended at 10:30pm. it was SO good. we got home close to midnight. it was worth it. again, SO good. here are some pics...