Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"school's out for summer..."

tonight i met up with my stac(e)ys (or should i say, yankee belle and seis) in celebration of seis' last day of work for the school year. we met at ROJO at around 6:30pm and sucked down two margaritas on the outside patio before even ordering dinner. the weather was perfect, the chatter was better, and the friends are always the best. this summer is going to be fantabulous...i can already feel it. great time, ladies!(on a side note: seis won the award for receiving the best table number. 44. it's picture is the jackpot. two lovely ladies caressing each other...perhaps in a dance of some the park. i don't know. i don't judge. i love lesbians. seriously. i do. i was jealous of number 44. next visit, it shall be mine.


*Yankee Belle* said...

You have shouldnt be Jealous. And that is a good pic of the 3 of us!!!