Saturday, May 15, 2010

soccer doubleheader

today marked the mabster's last soccer games for the spring season at the shades valley YMCA. her first game kicked off at 8:30 in the morning followed by a 9:15 match. we get there, the kids warm up, and then they all hold hands and say a prayer. soon after, lola surprises us and shows up to her game. lola loves sports. lola loves her grandbabies. lola loves the latter more. i think...not unless it's auburn football. hehe. i digress. so the mabster is clearly not a morning person. it takes her awhile to warm up to something. always has. (not like little lyla who is fearless and jumps head on into something without looking, god love her.)

anywayz, the game starts and the mabster is refusing to play. we're trying to encourage her that, "it's fun, just go out there and kick the ball like you always do!!" (could you feel the excitement thanks to those exclamation marks?) but instead, she's shaking her head, turning shy, and mumbling, "i don't like soccer. i don't want to play." sowhattayagonnado? we let her stand there and get warmed up to her surroundings. we tell her that dora loves soccer. hell, cinderella does too. even coach tries to tell her that we need more pink out on the field along with his daughter. we laugh. next thing i know, she's playing hide-and-seek with lola and trying to hide behind her back. she thinks it's hilarious. she drinks her soccer ball sports drink filled with sugar, and by the second half, she is the first one out on the field and kicks the ball off.

as parents, we're relieved. happy she has finally decided to play. i snap a couple of pics, and the game is soon over. we all get together at midfield and let the kids run through the victory tunnel as we all cheer them on. baby sis is at the end waiting to congratulate big sis with a hug. heart be still. it was adorable.second game starts, and the mabster is in full on soccer mode. she's running so hard one minute that it makes me laugh uncontrollably because she's nowhere near the ball, but just full steam ahead. she's high-fiving coach here with an occasional ballet spin there. she's all over the place and soon finds a seat on daddy while switching out subs. lyla is watching on the sidelines with us being a hot sticky mess all of her own. she decided that wearing bright red sports drink is the new black. mommy got to wear it too. and yes, we were both wearing white shorts nonetheless. at this point, it's so hot outside that we dry off in minutes. here are some pics...soon the game ends, and the kids are rewarded with a trophy and ice cream. i believe i might have cheered a bit louder than any other parent there considering it meant a closing to too early saturday soccer games, and hello to oversleeping at the lake. but i know, this isn't about me. it's about the kids. more importantly, the mabster. who would much rather stick to ballet and gymnastics. soccer? not so much. at least not at this age. we're not giving up just yet though. oh no. maybe one day she will love it and laugh as she looks back and reads this post. either way, we love you, mabster, and are so proud of you and whatever makes you happy. great job! XOXO


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love it! I love the victory tunnel, the fact she didn't want to play at first (sounds very similar to a certain little t-ball player I know), love Lyla waiting for her to give her a big hug - love it all!!!!

Miss you all!