Thursday, May 6, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) we celebrated cinco de mayo yesterday with friends at our favorite mexican joint and then headed to the nearby park. upon pulling up to said park, i noticed the place was slammed packed. like 50 kids hanging off the one caterpillar packed. i shrieked out loud and then proceeded to drive off only for the mabster to start crying and asking why we weren't going to the park. tears lead into screams, and this mom had to turn the bus around. i slathered the girls in sunscreen and went upon our merry little way. thankfully, the place cleared out as soon as the meltdown ended. i knew God loved me...

2.) after eating a big meal, the mabster will stand on her tippy toes and exclaim, "look at me! i ate all my food, and i'm big and tall!!" 'atta girl.

3.) lyla is the quiet one, no doubt. but no sooner than i begin to expect her to say nothing, she busts out singing, "dddd, dddd, dora..." along to the show's opening song. she'll be brilliant, i'll tell you. just blows you away when you least expect it.

4.) today, the mabster is having her "spring program" at school today. daddy and i are excited to watch her sing and show us what she has learned, as well as look at all of her artwork she has made throughout the year. after wards, her school is providing lunch for all of us. in case you couldn't tell, i'm really looking forward to this. i can't wait to get more involved with what she does at school. this age ROCKS!

5.) daily complaint: my lips are chapped like a mofo.

6.) this weekend, we'll be celebrating cousin carson's 2nd birthday at the splash pad. the theme is "yo gabba gabba," and we have already purchased our YGG shirts and flair for the whole family. i hear foofa herself will be making a special appearance, and tita karmie is going to teach the kiddos a dancy-dance. can't fakkin' wait!

7.) saturday night, jay is helping host an open house for the jiu jitsu gym he attends. i'm not sure of all the details because i'm a woman and well, they don't really interest me. not to be rude or anything, but it's a guy thing. i get it. something like they'll be watching the UFC fights that night too. again, i don't know. if jay takes pics, i'll blog it with perhaps better details...

8.) in case you didn't know, walking around parking lots searching for my car is my favorite past time. #YepThatsMe

9.) RT @SarcasmSociety "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." -Mae West

10.) daddy took the mabster golfing this week. when asked what she enjoyed most, she replied "tee-teeing in the woods" followed by a close second of "raking the sand." and there you have it. and no. i'm not proud although daddy seems to be.

11.) sunday is mother's day and instead of trying to focus it on me, i'd much rather direct it to my mom. because she deserves it. she is the BEST.DAMN.MOTHER.IN.THE.WORLD. and the most self-sacrificing person i have ever met. if we didn't have her in our life to help out with our kids and everything in between, we would be shit out of luck. she is ALWAYS there for us and in a hurry. thank you mom for teaching us what family values are all about. class is in session.

12.) my body has been kissed by the sun. yesterday? it hurt like a bitch. today? it's a golden tan. oh, how i love thee...

and lastly,

13.) the other day after picking up the oldest from school, her teacher gave me a report. said that abby always gets everyone together for ring around the rosies and then says, "everyone grab a partner" in which the boys choose each other as they hold hands and sing. mrs. lisa thought it was hilarious and gave the title of "Activities Coordinator" to my little one. i love it. #AppleDoesntFallFarFromTree