Thursday, May 13, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) last night, the mabster accidentally dropped a bottle of nail polish on the kitchen tile, thus busting it everywhere. she quickly apologized and repeatedly said, "i'm sorry, i'm so sorry, i'm sorry..." like a damn broken record. how can you get mad at that? so jay quickly wipes it up while i grab the girls out of the way and head to the bathroom closet to find the acetone. except i couldn't find it. it's location escaped me, and next thing i know, jay is on his hands and knees chipping it off with a butter knife. he’s so magic.

2.) "buckle your seat belt lady, you're being wooed." #ModernFamily

3.) Eating dinner on back porch while watching the girls dig in the dirt when Abby says to baby sis, "Here kitty kitty, come here Lyla."

4.) random facebook fact: my friend count reached 1,000 today so in honor of betty white and the golden girls (sing with me), "thank you for being a friend..."

5.) i’m nothing if not determined, so back to making this laundry my bitch i go. #FTW

6.) tuesday morning, a fellow mother in our moms group lost her battle to cancer and left behind two small girls and her husband. with a heavy heart, i ask you to please pray for the shaffer family for they are definitely in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

7.) "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." ~FDR

8.) Instead of moaning while hubs plays golf, I now celebrate. Because he takes the oldest with him while the youngest naps. #QuietHouseEuphoria

9.) earlier this week when it was nice and cool (oh who am i kidding, it was practically freezing), we decided to crack a window at night to let the fresh air in. it was wonderful. the fresh night time air is my absolute most favorite thing ever. it reminds me of my childhood when my mom and dad didn't believe in air conditioning. the feel, the smell, the association of it all made for the best night's sleep cuddled up under the comforter. slowly, but surely...i am becoming my mother.

10.) hubs says that by me using my twitter tweety tweets for my thursday's 13 that it's cheating. i told him to suck it and stop reading my tweets so everything will be a surprise. #sucka #NoReallyImLazy

11.) this weekend marks the mabster's last soccer game. it's a double header, and i'm the team mom for both games. which just means bring juice boxes and snacks for each player. in all honesty, i am so ready for the season to be over with. it's cramping my lakin' style, britches.

12.) watching the tall one's attempts at magic tricks are just as laughable as her father's. #BogusHocusPocus

and lastly,

13.) yesterday we ate a yummy lunch with daddy and then ventured out to a park with see-saws and swings that were 4 inches from the ground. the latter was odd. very odd. but the see saws? score!