Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

eclipse movie: opening night

the same night that jay and i got back home was also opening night for the twilight saga's eclipse. needless to say, once karla maria picked us up from the airport, she then dropped us off a lola and pawpaw's house so that we could pick up our girls.

so lola gave both of the girls some super cute purses filled with goodies and bracelets. they proudly showed me as soon as we stopped smothering each other in love, love, love. jay took the girls home and tucked them into bed all whilst karla maria drove my crazy exhausted ass over to YB's house for some pre-movie festivities.soon midnight was upon us, and we all snagged the best seats in the theater. it was cougars versus kittens...of course we won. we are wise in our old age. slow. but wise. we were surrounded by twihard tweens and it felt fabulous. as for the movie? awesome. best one yet. actions scene made me all tense that it felt like i was performing one massive kegel exercise. and yet i didn't even have to pee. the acting? perfect. the one-liners? for the first time ever, were very appropriately comical and up to date. all in all, a great night with the girls that ended a very, VERY long day. here are some pics...

Monday, June 28, 2010

st. thomas: day five

today was our last and final day of our wonderful kidless vacation. and while it was more than fabulous and relaxing, i was really starting to miss my sweet girls. especially after every phone call with them. they sounded so close, but were millions of miles away. i think a five day vacay is perfect. it provided enough time to refresh and de-stress life before the mommy guilt started settling in and you really start missing your munchkins. just my honest opinion. so anyhooters, we wake up and head downstairs for breakfast. check out our view...after breakfast, we split ways. i walked over to room 110 for my massage appointment while jay went to the dive shop and rented snorkeling gear. an hour later, i met up with him and we continued in the snorkeling fun. dude, i felt worthy of certification after this trip. hehe. so we snorkeled for awhile and the walked to the beach hut where we received free usage of all their water toys. we chose to ride on a big tired paddle boat. we pedaled as hard as we could like we were in a spin class. made it out to the buoys in no time, turned around, and made it back. that was the extent of our pleasure ride. here are some pics...after playing in the bay all day, we walked over to the pool. around 5:00pm, there was a "meet the managers" rum punch party on the pool deck. there were snacks being served, introductions, and raffles. i won a prize which required throwing back a shot of rum and keeping the shot glass. i earned that shot glass, damn it. good times. we drank mojitos and continued to play in the pool. two hours later, we had reservations at my favorite place. same restaurant, same balcony, same table, same order. ((chime in with the cheers theme song now)) it was perfect.overall, it was such a splendid relaxing trip in honor of our 5 year wedding anniversary. it was just what we needed to remind ourselves of how it all got started many moons ago in a slower paced, carefree life. **confession: we had an amazing vacation, but the best part was walking through the door & having the munchkins run excitedly into my arms. home sweet home. back to reality. back to responsibility. back to intermittent episodes of laughter & insanity...and there's no place i'd rather be. that is all.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

st. thomas: day four

today, we woke up around 9:30am. it was excellent. we bathed and for once throughout our whole vacation, my hair and i were actually getting along. good thing considering we walked around the island with jay's good camera and tripod in hopes of taking a couple of decent pics since we were surrounded in the beautiful nature that is st. thomas, usvi. it was a lot of fun. obviously, i love some cheesy staged pics that look like we're "in the moment," but let's be honest, we're just being ridiculously goofy. ahh, i love pictures. some are laughable, some are brilliantly beautiful. you after we goof around acting like we're professionals and all, we walked over to iggie's for some lunch and more's never too early to drink a fruity cocktail when you're on vacation, right? of course not. so after lunch, we ran up to our room, changed into our swim suits, and hit the pool. jay ordered me some yummy pina coladas at the swim up bar, and we just relaxed as i doubled-fisted cocktail after cocktail. i'm tellin' ya, i had to keep drinking in order to calm myself from the huge ass iguanas that kept cuttin' their eyes at me while i tried to sunbathe beside the pool. this was the day mommy had her chance to drink herself tipsy thanks to my frat boy who kept them continuously coming. ridiculously scary oversized lizard? where?we stay out at the pool for hours until finally arriving back in our room for a nap. soon we had dinner reservations at lobster grille again where i ate the lobster linguini every night. it was the best seafood pasta to ever touch my mouth. true story. after a lovely dinner in the balcony and open air that overlooked the ocean, we walked over to iggie's where the band "liquid sunshine" was playing. i found a pirate sitting on a bench and couldn't help but whisper something dirty to him. in fact, the joke "to steer my nuts with" came to mind. later, we enjoyed "late night walks on the beach." cliche, yes. but the luminous scintillating full moon was breath-taking. here are some pics...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

st. thomas: day three

we wake up to much clearer skies today. the bright sun really brought out the beautifully turquoise waters and it felt refreshing to see them. today, we signed up for an "All Day Sail to the Island of St. John" aboard the Heavenly Days catamaran. the excursion lasted from 9:00am to 3:00pm, and it was lovely. here are some here is the description of what the sailing day trip entailed:

For those of you who really want to be pampered, come and enjoy the best of the Virgin Islands. Join us for this unforgettable six hour tour which sails you from St. Thomas to the enchanted island of St. John. Experience the fun and excitement of sailing on a specially designed custom built catamaran. You will have the opportunity to go ashore and enjoy one of the beautiful white sand palm-lined beaches that are part of the National Park Service. The two hour sail over, takes you along the scenic south side of St. Thomas, through Current Cut on the eastern tip and across Pillsbury Sound where St. John beckons. At Honeymoon beach on St. John, you will have at least two hours to swim, snorkel, or just relax on the beach. A vibrant coral reef is easily accessible, and has an abundance of colorful tropical fish and marine life. Quality snorkel gear, instruction, and a guided snorkel tour are provided. Drinks are included, and a delicious champagne buffet luncheon will also be served. After this memorable visit, sit back and relax during the 90 minute down wind sail back to St. Thomas.

here are some pics...that last pic is a view of the resort as we were heading back. also, please know that i took a ton of pictures underwater of the absolutely stunning coral reefs and life, i just haven't had the time to get them developed yet. soon, i promise and then i can add on. so once we arrived back to bolongo around 3:00pm, we went up to our room to freshen up and then head back down for the Sunset Harbor Cocktail Cruise from 5:00 to 7:00pm where:

For a magical start of your evening come Sip a Rum Punch while cruising through beautiful Charlotte Amalie Harbor, with historical Hassel Island, and around Water Island. Watch the sun set, the colors of the sky change and the Island slowly light up, and the majestic Cruise Ships depart for the evening. You will be back at the resort in time for dinner. This excursion is included for our All Inclusive guests who are staying 5 nights or longer.

this little adventure was my favorite outing throughout our entire stay. captain peter showed us important landmarks on the island like blackbeard's castle, governor's house, the profile of a face in the side of a mountain, the legislature building, etc. while the beautiful sun set behind us. open air and open bar, what more could you want? here are some pics...
this was the day we spent all day out on the catamaran which meant jay was drinking himself silly with all the rum punch that was being thrown at us. he was hilarious. we were making friends with everyone and met some great people. my cheeks were seriously sore after we stepped foot off the boat. as for jay, he nearly passed out at the dinner table. he had finally reached over the "feel good" level and exceeded into "i'm about to pass out" level. so we had dinner reservations at 8:00pm at the lobster grille. i ate and laughed at jay as he just sat there. it was the quietest he had been ALL.DAY. the calm after the storm. i even took a picture of his meal because i knew he wouldn't remember eating it. needless to say, there was no rocking that baby...he was asleep in the bed before i could even get undressed. good day. good day, indeed.

Friday, June 25, 2010

st. thomas: day two

we oversleep after the long day before and head outside to the balcony to check out the view. it was beautiful. on our right side, we overlooked the beach on the bay. on our left side, we overlooked the pool and the patio of lobster grille. ahh, good times were we walk around a bit while exploring our surroundings. we found a hammock where jay rested his beautiful bones and then walked along the beach. soon we arrived at the other restaurant located at bolongo called iggie's bar and grille. we ate lunch and drank numerous "vanilla killas" because obviously we were there to relax and have a good time. that, we did. after lunch, jay posed for a picture with a nearby pirate. this is one of the many reasons why i really love him...he's always down for my cheesy photo opps. here are some pics...after lunch, we're both feeling good and walk over to the st. thomas dive shop where we rent free snorkeling gear. we walk a short distance to the beach where we both go snorkeling in the bay. (so rewind if you will...after jay booked this vacation, i checked their website to see what kind of daily events/activities were going to be held while we were going to be there. i was a tad bit bummed when i found out that the "snorkel booze hunt" was going to be held the day before we arrived. this is where they have hide bottles of RUM in the bay so that you can snorkel and find your own bottle to keep. no catch and release here. if you find it, it's yours.)

so i thought that sounded like some fun and couldn't help but wonder if by chance, we'd get lucky and find a bottle that no one could from the day before. so we start our snorkeling adventure. it was a lot of fun. we stayed beside each other where we'd point to all the beautiful schools of fish that swam below us. low and behold, i spotted a bottle of rum that was about 10-15 feet below us. i pointed at it to jay, and he went down to retrieve it for me. i was so excited. really, it's silly to think how excited i got over it all, but in my mind, i felt like it was god allowing me to have a second chance of the "snorkel booze hunt" that we missed out on during the day before. as we walked out of the beach holding our prize, the beach hut boy told us that we found the last bottle. that they threw out 12 bottles yesterday and only 11 were found. jackpot. the day was off to a great start.after snorkeling in the bay, we returned our gear at the dive shop and then walked over to the pool. we enjoyed more drinks at the swim up pool bar and just relaxed while soaking up the vitamin D. here are some pics of the pool area...after swimming, we came back up to our room for a short power nap. let's not forget people, it's a vacation. and in my perfect world, naps are a necessity. we wake up, try our best attempts to look decent and then walk down to dinner at lobster grille around 8:00pm. we sat outside under the stars and the food was just as good as the sky was beautiful. i seriously ate their lobster linguini every night we were there...and why was THAT good. after dinner, we walked over to iggie's where Eric Stone played guitar and sang all your island favorites. he was hilarious. he was great. we danced, we laughed, we really enjoyed our low-key relaxing day. here are some pics...