Saturday, June 12, 2010

the blackenberry's slip-n-slide extravaganza!!

i really don't even know where to words can describe just how much fun this event was. okay, here i friday night, jay went over to seis and cory's house in order to help set up the mother of all slip-n-slides. they used corrugated pipe, foam boards, tarp, an inflatable pool, 1 real mattress, and 3 air mattresses for the landing. it was awesome. jay said they tested it the night before and it was perfect. perfect for the 3rd annual blackenberry's slip-n-slide extravaganza, baby!! the festivities started on saturday at 1:00pm and ended into the night. please note: this was an "adult only" slip-n-slide party where we did it right. fo' shizzle. here are some pics...
throughout the day, people were going down the slide right and left. for the most part, the guys hung out at the top of the hill where the keg was located while the ladies gathered around in the inflatable kiddie pool as we cooled off, gossiped, and drank mojitos. bar-b-que was being served inside while others watched the world cup soccer match on tv. mag brought her bag of flair and we had fun getting all jazzed up with some funky head apparel, boas, and the such. also, the guys played corn hole and messed around on the indo board. here are some i drank enough liquid courage (aka: mojitos) that soon enough, i was going down the slip-n-slide head first like those who have gone before me. ya'll, it was SO.MUCH.FUN. at first when you start at the top of the hill, the sight looking down is a bit scary, but the speed really isn't. that is until you get half way down and you're this point, admittedly, it freaked me out. i believe i held my breath the rest of the way because once you hit the dip at the end, it sends you flying up and into the pool. oh and the pool had the most refreshing huge pocket of water at the very bottom of it that was surprisingly deep. here are some pics...all in all, we had an awesome time. it was PHENOMENAL. who could ask for anything more when your weekend consist of a kidless slip-n-slide party on a hot sticky summer night filled with great friends and even more fun. you guys are the best, and i never thought that by joining a moms group nearly 3 years ago, i would find the greatest most fun friends a gal could ask for. everything is so easy and comfortable now. guess some things were really meant to be, and i can't thank God enough for the life He has blessed me with. because after all, "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy...” work hard. play harder.


Tonya said...

This looks like fun. I was just talking to my hubby about doing an adult slip and slide party (how I found your blog).
can you tell me how the actuall slide was made and how it was kept wet?

Kim said...

tonya, you should definitely have one! hubs said that it was fairly easy to build. they used corrugated pipe, foam boards, and lots of air mattresses for the landing. also, they just kept it wet by running the water hose off of the top.

hope this helps!