Tuesday, June 29, 2010

eclipse movie: opening night

the same night that jay and i got back home was also opening night for the twilight saga's eclipse. needless to say, once karla maria picked us up from the airport, she then dropped us off a lola and pawpaw's house so that we could pick up our girls.

so lola gave both of the girls some super cute purses filled with goodies and bracelets. they proudly showed me as soon as we stopped smothering each other in love, love, love. jay took the girls home and tucked them into bed all whilst karla maria drove my crazy exhausted ass over to YB's house for some pre-movie festivities.soon midnight was upon us, and we all snagged the best seats in the theater. it was cougars versus kittens...of course we won. we are wise in our old age. slow. but wise. we were surrounded by twihard tweens and it felt fabulous. as for the movie? awesome. best one yet. actions scene made me all tense that it felt like i was performing one massive kegel exercise. and yet i didn't even have to pee. the acting? perfect. the one-liners? for the first time ever, were very appropriately comical and up to date. all in all, a great night with the girls that ended a very, VERY long day. here are some pics...