Saturday, June 19, 2010

a family that swims together...

saturday morning, we woke up and headed over to our nearby castle pines country club where we decided to all go swimming as a family. this was daddy's idea since he was so super stoked and proud after watching the mabster at her swimming lessons. knowing jay would be in the pool with us made me feel so much calmer as opposed to just me with two kids...not to mention, one who doesn't want to wear her puddle jumper at the moment now that she swam all week without it. so we're all excited. we walk up and notice that we have the whole ginormous pool all to ourselves. we were small fishies in a big sea free to explore every inch...but instead, we stuck close my the stairs. because that's where the mabster felt the safest at. the water level (where we were at) was 3 feet deep, but i don't think she even tried to touch the floor. she didn't believe us, i suppose. again, where's miss em when you need her?

nonetheless, we all enjoyed the peaceful day in the pool. toshy swam around in her puddle jumper while the mabster practiced swimming about 4-5 feet from the stairs to daddy and vice versa. it was fun. we hope to make this a family routine whenever there is down time. here are some we're out there for an hour or so when the sky falls out. we figured what better timing than to walk up to the clubhouse for some lunch. apparently, every golfer had the same idea and soon a group of older gentlemen were playing cards in the corner. the girls watched the rain fall down hard as we waited for our food, and i can't help but admit that i giggled to myself as i watched a little old man nearly be blown away, thus possibly breaking a hip. to say it was windy is an understatement. to say it was laughable is an underestimation. moreover, it was a swell time.