Friday, June 18, 2010

getting her feet wet. literally.

so the mabster's first swimming lessons commenced earlier this week and ended with a "popsicle party" on friday. her lessons were taught by "miss em" at her own pool located in mtn. brook from 1:30-2:30pm. the last 20 minutes during friday's practice consisted of a show where the parents were invited to come and watch as the kiddos each showed off their new abilities.

we all came to watch as the mabster went first by showing us how she floats on her back while kicking her feet. then, she jumped off the side of the pool, head underwater, and swam to the stairs where daddy and lyla cheered her on as mommy took pics. miss em praised each child's accomplishments as they later enjoyed a popsicle at the end. lyla got one too, and well, she was a happy girl just like her big sis.

overall, i am so glad that we signed the mabster up for swimming lessons. i don't know what it is, but it's funny how well she listens to other older authority figures 10x better than she does with us. we have tried so hard to get her to go under water (even at the lake), but she always refused. if you ever saw her hair wet, it was simply because someone splashed her. but now? now she's all bunny hopping around and waving with both hands up as she sinks her head down under. ya'll, that alone is worth the money spent. don't get me wrong, i'm not claiming her to be an awesome olympic swimmer by no means, but she's taken some long strides. let's just say she's not "as scared." in fact, "she gets it." oh miss em...if only we could take you with us to the pool every time. and to the lake. and to the beach. you know what i mean.

we're so proud of you, mabster!! xoxo