Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"goldilocks and the three bears"

today we met tita karmie at the birmingham children's theater in order to watch the play, "goldilocks and the three bears." the production started at 11:00am and lasted till noon. the girls both really enjoyed it, as did tita karmie and i. the stage was super cute as well as the storyline considering it gave it's own twist to the classic version. the mabster said her favorite part was when goldilocks got caught playing in her mother's jewelry box. perhaps it's because she's been guilty of the action as well. i see why she can relate. i digress. after the show, we got to meet and greet the characters. they were all super nice, and of course, posed for a picture. it was a great little outing, and we will definitely be going again.after the play, we all ate lunch together. afterwards, the mabster went off with tita karmie while the toshy and i came home for her nap. tita karmie took the mabster swimming at the YMCA and then to the library where she got to see and pet the bearded dragon (big iguana) and a hedgehog. also, they ran some errands at different stores in which the mabster got to pick out a surprise. it was a busy day indeed for our sweet 3 year old. so busy that she fell asleep on her bedroom floor that night until daddy scooped her up and placed her in her bed. i can't wait to talk to her about it in the morning. thanks for playing with us, tita karmie. we love you! xoxo


*Yankee Belle* said...

Im tired just reading about the event filled day!