Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day!!

this year for father's day, jay chose what he wanted to do for the day. like most typical men, he chose to play golf. ALL.DAY.LONG. like seriously. he woke at 6:00am and headed over to Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail-Oxmoor Valley where he played 18 holes with mitchelle, matt s, and brother-in-law, john. after he finished that game around 12:30pm, he headed over to Castle Pines and played another 18 holes with his dad and again, BIL john. that's 36 holes. nearly 12 hours in 95+ degree heat. all for the love of the game. clearly the man is crazy. but it's his special day and he deserves it because playing golf every day of the week still does not compensate for the awesome father that he is. no bullshittin'. i really mean that. but if you're reading this (which i know you are), don't take my word up on it, k? :o)

so he makes it back just in the nick of time for dinner with my side of the family to celebrate with pawpaw. we ate dinner at our local Logan's steakhouse at 7:30pm. the grandkids gave pawpaw a cute little picture of all of them sitting in his lap while in his rocking chair (that use to be his dad's) along with a sweet poem beside the picture. it was sweet. we ate, talked, and enjoyed a great dinner on such a special day. here are some pics...rewind if you will...earlier in the day while the girls and i were inside enjoying our wonderful air conditioning, they decided to make their sweet daddy something. the mabster starts cutting paper up (her new favorite past time) and creates what she calls "flower confetti." it was really cute. i was impressed. so i put it in a dixie cup and labeled it a fancy vase. imagination. let's use it here. then we proceed to make daddy a homemade card using paint, markers, crayons, stickers, and awhollatta misspellings and crooked letters. again. it was really cute, and they were so proud of their creation.all in all, it was a fabulous father's day spent with the two greatest men in my life.

dad, thank you for instilling such strong family values in me. for always being there. caring and showing it at all times. active in my life. it really means more than words could ever express.

and jay, i always knew you'd make one helluva father. i really believe that's why i dug my nails deep into you and never let you get away. you were and are always unbelievably amazing to us. you spoil us beyond our needs. i don't know what i did to deserve you, but i'm so glad i married someone just like my father. you care. you seriously really CARE. from mole hills to mountains. thank you for always investing so much time and energy into us. we love you with every ounce of our being.

happy father's day to you BOTH!! xoxo


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