Saturday, June 19, 2010

King-Bulle wedding

saturday night, jay and i drove down to the red mountain church in honor of dave and stephanie's wedding. the ceremony started at 5:30pm and was officiated by a fellow fraternity brother, joe dentici. it was beautiful in the fact that it tied in many different religions all while celebrating holy matrimony. dentici did an awesome job and i absolutely loved the simplicity of the brick wall that stood behind the bridal party. here are some pics...after the bride and groom exchanged "i do's" and a kiss, it was time for my favorite part: the reception. maloney, lindsay, and heather all jumped into our car as we drove 2 blocks down to the matt jones gallery where the wedding reception took place. the new mr. and mrs. were announced as they started their first dance. after wards, everyone began munching on the food (which included a SUSHI bar!!!) while the guys checked their phones periodically to check the U.S. Open scores. which btw, former UAB men's golfer Graeme McDowell won! woot-woot!! oh sorry, back to the any great wedding reception, there was a shrimp and grits bar. wanna know how many times jay hit that baby up? let's say at least 4 times. at least. here are some the band is playing some awesome tunes. oldies that i know and love, especially some classic motown goodies. i mean c'mon, if one of the earlier songs starts off with marvin gaye's "let's get it on"...well, it's gonna be a good night. we danced. we sang. jay burped shrimp grits on me. romantic, no? also, bo-bo nearly passed out on the side of the bar since he stayed out at nana funks till 3am the night before and played in a corn hole tournament all day. oh the life of a single lad!

soon best man, big drew, gave a speech as well as dr. bulle and a few others. which reminds me...dr. bulle's rum punch was MONEY, people!! i digress. so they're giving speeches and wouldn't ya know that thomas antoine ceasar is whispering and cracking jokes the whole time. and they were hysterical. so of course i had to laugh. all while hiding behind jay. soon everyone was feeding off each other and i almost felt like i was in 3rd grade again trying so hard not to laugh and get in trouble. of course, maloney is trying to contain her hubs' shenanigans by telling everyone "don't encourage him" which only made the whole situation that much funnier. good grief. who married these guys!? oh wait, that was us. congrats, dave and steph!