Sunday, June 6, 2010

lake play

sunday morning, we wake up to the smell of breakfast made by the guys. karla maria took a picture of it since this beautiful thing is a rarity. but actually, i'll admit that i'm spoiled because jay cooks a lot for us so i wasn't so much in shock. i did enjoy though the fact that a picture was taken of it. good men. good men, indeed.after breakfast, daddy and abby did a little bit of fishing and then we swam around. little lyla is like a damn fish. she loves the water, and more so than abby. i'd have to say that it's so cute watching their personalities unfold. lyla is fearless and adventurous whereas, abby is cautious and a bit finicky. both personalities are SO.DAMN.CUTE. so later, we took the kiddos tubing in the tri-pod tube of doom. the mabster cried and screamed for a solid 5 minutes after daddy threw her on. tita karla and i are trying to reassure her when out of nowhere she starts laughing and says, "i like tubing!" clearly my child, you do not. as for lyla? she'd bob her head up and down even when there weren't any bumps. i love our girls. here are some pics...we drove around for a couple of hours, wishing and dreaming of future homes and's never to early to dream, ya know? then later, the boys slalomed and surprisingly, both got up on the first attempt. "that's what she said." oh, and check out the munchkins in their ridiculously cute sunglasses. gotta love it!