Saturday, June 5, 2010

lakehouse & farmhouse

after the birthday party, we headed straight up to the lake. tita karla, uncle tre, and cousin carson met us there as well. as soon as we get settled in and unpack some groceries, we get ready and head down to the water. daddy got the girls dressed and ready in their bathing suits which was kinda funny considering that he put a "pull up" on lyla, not a "swimmer." needless to say, as soon as she hit the water, the thing swelled up like a blimp. i was seriously impressed with how much water an old dora pull up could contain. apparently, it's half of smith lake. here are some pics...after swimming for awhile, we jumped on the boat and ended up cruising around for four straight hours. it was OH-SO-NICE. the kiddos all fell asleep as we soaked up the sun and all it's glory. boat rides are my absolute favorite, ya'll. especially when some good tunes are playing. here are some the time we made it back, our tummies were rumbling. it was time for dinner in which we drove over to the farmhouse where mamaw had made (you guessed it) her yummy chicken and dumplins. YUM-O!! the girls inhaled it, and then later, we just hung out for a bit until bedtime came around and we were back at the lakehouse. all in all, a great day. gotta love sweet summertime and the weekends.