Thursday, June 3, 2010

mr. potato head

today, the girls and i headed to the mcwane science center to meet up with friends for the opening of the new "mr. potato head" exhibit. we arrived around 10:30am where we checked in and renewed my membership (best thing money can buy, i tell ya). upon arrival, we jet up to the 3rd floor where we start "the adventures of mr. potato head." the girls are playing with the parts and the mabster slaps on a mean pair of hot pink heels on her figurine. it was comical.soon after, mr. potato head himself makes an entrance. we all squeal with delight. i don't know who was more excited...the girls or me? i think it was quite possibly the latter. but they weren't scared of the huge potato. nope, not one bit. they ran into his scrawny little arms and gave him a big hug. well abby did at least. lyla just glared at him and constantly punched his big oval nose. right now, she's in the phase where she thinks it's so funny to pop you in the nose. and quite honestly, it was the first time i really enjoyed watching her do it. hehe. furthermore, here are some pics of the adventures they went on...lastly, did you really think we'd spend all that time there without getting my own picture with the classic icon? of course not! so here it goes...can't wait to go back, mr. potato head!