Sunday, June 13, 2010

slammy's bridal shower

sunday morning, jay had a tee time with the boys (tony, drew, and another friend) at 8:00 at the highland park golf course. no sooner than he walked through the door, i walked out in preparation of slammy's bridal shower. being the lovely bridesmaids that we are, we decided to host one at the chapel hills clubhouse from 2:00-4:00pm. the hostesses arrived early at 1:00pm to get everything set up. soon after, the bride and groom walk up and the bridal showering began. here's a pic of slammy and jeremy, and the last one is of her and her bridesmaids with the exception of jessi and megan since they live out of state and couldn't make the spread looks wonderful and taste even better. especially the cake. i'm not gonna lie, i should probably go anorexic after this weekend...between the yummy punch and the strawberry cake, i'm sure i was 2 bites away from a sugar induced coma. i digress. after munching and conversing, we watched the pretty pair unwrap their gifts. they received some great stuff. later, the winner of the game that was played was announced (and whilst it's no big surprise here), the prize was awarded to karmie. here are some pics...overall, slammy's bridal shower was a success. everything panned out well, and it was so good to see everyone especially mama and mr. k. we can't wait for august 28th to get here so that we can help celebrate in slammy and jeremy's big day!