Friday, June 11, 2010

smothered in sass...

first and foremost, let me paint you a picture of the sassy scene that took place...

location: daddy's in the kitchen, auntie jess is downstairs, and the mabster is standing at the top of the stairs looking down with the door open. let's begin, shall we...

abby: "look daddy, auntie jess is here!"

daddy: "who is auntie jess?"

(abby turns her head to auntie jess and says in a "matter of fact" manner smothered in sass)

abby: "that's my daddy...he thinks he is so hilarious." (as she places hands on hips and shakes her head)

(end of scene followed with laughter by her audience)


YB says that jay will be the dad that all of abby's friends think is fun and cool, whereas abby will roll her eyes at his jokes and wish him to a different room. ha!

fyi: since the mabster got such a great reaction from everyone after making her comment, "hilarious" is her new favorite word. followed by an "actually." it's lovely. really. it is.