Thursday, June 24, 2010

st. thomas: day 1

today was the day jay and i had been counting down for for-ev-er. suitcases were packed, car was loaded, and the kiddos were ready to go. around 9:00am, we headed over to lola and pawpaw's house where mamaw came down to help watch the girls on thursday and friday while lola worked. tita karla met us there as well since she was our transportation to the airport. we saturated our girls in kisses, said our farewells, jumped in karla's car, and got checked in at the airport. every thing was smooth sailing.

we waited at airport for our first flight to arrive. i was so damn excited that i seriously thought i was going to vomit. soon we landed in miami, and i kid not when i say that throughout the entire flight, we debated if this was a coon hat or a mullet. you decide...once at the miami airport, we ate lunch and then waited around for our next flight to st. thomas. (EEK!!) unfortunately, the flight was delayed 3 hours. i tend to be a bit of "glass half full" type of girl so i wasn't going to let it cramp my style. how could i? we were headed for a kidless vacation. KIDLESS. don't get me wrong, we absolutely adore vacays as a whole family, but after the week i had, i was ready to start running barefoot to the islands by myself. it was kinda like they knew we were leaving so that made us "work" for it. but that's a different story, and i really don't want to rehash those details because like a bad dream i've blocked it out.

so where was i? oh yeah...three hours delayed. if it weren't for technology, i may have been highly annoyed. or asleep. but we caught up on emails, facebook, etc. all while listening to itunes and then later, i let the hubs spank me in a fierce battle of "words with friends." it was a good game though. we were neck and neck till he busted out 131 points with one word and took the lead. we board our second flight and safely land in caribbean paradise around midnight. that's 13 hours of traveling, ya'll. so as much as rum punch sounded great, our bed sounded better. crazy taxi drives us to bolongo bay beach resort where we check in and enter our room. it was charming and quaint with an island feel. the best part though was that they welcomed us with a bottle of rum on top of our kitchen countertop. ummm, you had me at hello. here are some pics...needless to say, we passed out. obviously completely exhausted, but relieved and excited to finally be in our oh-so desired destination. the next morning was going to be awesome...