Monday, June 28, 2010

st. thomas: day five

today was our last and final day of our wonderful kidless vacation. and while it was more than fabulous and relaxing, i was really starting to miss my sweet girls. especially after every phone call with them. they sounded so close, but were millions of miles away. i think a five day vacay is perfect. it provided enough time to refresh and de-stress life before the mommy guilt started settling in and you really start missing your munchkins. just my honest opinion. so anyhooters, we wake up and head downstairs for breakfast. check out our view...after breakfast, we split ways. i walked over to room 110 for my massage appointment while jay went to the dive shop and rented snorkeling gear. an hour later, i met up with him and we continued in the snorkeling fun. dude, i felt worthy of certification after this trip. hehe. so we snorkeled for awhile and the walked to the beach hut where we received free usage of all their water toys. we chose to ride on a big tired paddle boat. we pedaled as hard as we could like we were in a spin class. made it out to the buoys in no time, turned around, and made it back. that was the extent of our pleasure ride. here are some pics...after playing in the bay all day, we walked over to the pool. around 5:00pm, there was a "meet the managers" rum punch party on the pool deck. there were snacks being served, introductions, and raffles. i won a prize which required throwing back a shot of rum and keeping the shot glass. i earned that shot glass, damn it. good times. we drank mojitos and continued to play in the pool. two hours later, we had reservations at my favorite place. same restaurant, same balcony, same table, same order. ((chime in with the cheers theme song now)) it was perfect.overall, it was such a splendid relaxing trip in honor of our 5 year wedding anniversary. it was just what we needed to remind ourselves of how it all got started many moons ago in a slower paced, carefree life. **confession: we had an amazing vacation, but the best part was walking through the door & having the munchkins run excitedly into my arms. home sweet home. back to reality. back to responsibility. back to intermittent episodes of laughter & insanity...and there's no place i'd rather be. that is all.