Sunday, June 27, 2010

st. thomas: day four

today, we woke up around 9:30am. it was excellent. we bathed and for once throughout our whole vacation, my hair and i were actually getting along. good thing considering we walked around the island with jay's good camera and tripod in hopes of taking a couple of decent pics since we were surrounded in the beautiful nature that is st. thomas, usvi. it was a lot of fun. obviously, i love some cheesy staged pics that look like we're "in the moment," but let's be honest, we're just being ridiculously goofy. ahh, i love pictures. some are laughable, some are brilliantly beautiful. you after we goof around acting like we're professionals and all, we walked over to iggie's for some lunch and more's never too early to drink a fruity cocktail when you're on vacation, right? of course not. so after lunch, we ran up to our room, changed into our swim suits, and hit the pool. jay ordered me some yummy pina coladas at the swim up bar, and we just relaxed as i doubled-fisted cocktail after cocktail. i'm tellin' ya, i had to keep drinking in order to calm myself from the huge ass iguanas that kept cuttin' their eyes at me while i tried to sunbathe beside the pool. this was the day mommy had her chance to drink herself tipsy thanks to my frat boy who kept them continuously coming. ridiculously scary oversized lizard? where?we stay out at the pool for hours until finally arriving back in our room for a nap. soon we had dinner reservations at lobster grille again where i ate the lobster linguini every night. it was the best seafood pasta to ever touch my mouth. true story. after a lovely dinner in the balcony and open air that overlooked the ocean, we walked over to iggie's where the band "liquid sunshine" was playing. i found a pirate sitting on a bench and couldn't help but whisper something dirty to him. in fact, the joke "to steer my nuts with" came to mind. later, we enjoyed "late night walks on the beach." cliche, yes. but the luminous scintillating full moon was breath-taking. here are some pics...


Heather S. said...

Luminous AND scintillating?! WOW!