Friday, June 25, 2010

st. thomas: day two

we oversleep after the long day before and head outside to the balcony to check out the view. it was beautiful. on our right side, we overlooked the beach on the bay. on our left side, we overlooked the pool and the patio of lobster grille. ahh, good times were we walk around a bit while exploring our surroundings. we found a hammock where jay rested his beautiful bones and then walked along the beach. soon we arrived at the other restaurant located at bolongo called iggie's bar and grille. we ate lunch and drank numerous "vanilla killas" because obviously we were there to relax and have a good time. that, we did. after lunch, jay posed for a picture with a nearby pirate. this is one of the many reasons why i really love him...he's always down for my cheesy photo opps. here are some pics...after lunch, we're both feeling good and walk over to the st. thomas dive shop where we rent free snorkeling gear. we walk a short distance to the beach where we both go snorkeling in the bay. (so rewind if you will...after jay booked this vacation, i checked their website to see what kind of daily events/activities were going to be held while we were going to be there. i was a tad bit bummed when i found out that the "snorkel booze hunt" was going to be held the day before we arrived. this is where they have hide bottles of RUM in the bay so that you can snorkel and find your own bottle to keep. no catch and release here. if you find it, it's yours.)

so i thought that sounded like some fun and couldn't help but wonder if by chance, we'd get lucky and find a bottle that no one could from the day before. so we start our snorkeling adventure. it was a lot of fun. we stayed beside each other where we'd point to all the beautiful schools of fish that swam below us. low and behold, i spotted a bottle of rum that was about 10-15 feet below us. i pointed at it to jay, and he went down to retrieve it for me. i was so excited. really, it's silly to think how excited i got over it all, but in my mind, i felt like it was god allowing me to have a second chance of the "snorkel booze hunt" that we missed out on during the day before. as we walked out of the beach holding our prize, the beach hut boy told us that we found the last bottle. that they threw out 12 bottles yesterday and only 11 were found. jackpot. the day was off to a great start.after snorkeling in the bay, we returned our gear at the dive shop and then walked over to the pool. we enjoyed more drinks at the swim up pool bar and just relaxed while soaking up the vitamin D. here are some pics of the pool area...after swimming, we came back up to our room for a short power nap. let's not forget people, it's a vacation. and in my perfect world, naps are a necessity. we wake up, try our best attempts to look decent and then walk down to dinner at lobster grille around 8:00pm. we sat outside under the stars and the food was just as good as the sky was beautiful. i seriously ate their lobster linguini every night we were there...and why was THAT good. after dinner, we walked over to iggie's where Eric Stone played guitar and sang all your island favorites. he was hilarious. he was great. we danced, we laughed, we really enjoyed our low-key relaxing day. here are some pics...