Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sushi, tattoos, and patio drinks

tonight we had a girls night out in honor of yankee belle biting the bullet and finally getting her tattoo that completed her old one. reason being: after she had one kid, she got the initial branded near her right hip. well now that baby #2 is here, his initial needed to be tattooed beside big sis's. it's only fair, right? of course it is. so we start the night off with sushi and wine at surin. shortly after, we headed over to aerochild tattoo where the shenanigans took place. upon arrival, we scanned through some of the tattoo designs. admittedly, i don't have a single tattoo on my body. that said, if i did, it would definitely have to be the "i'm a sucker for love" written across a heart-shaped lollipop...because that's how i roll. becca chose the "juicy" dripping strawberries one. we're classy, no? in all seriousness, we did not get those tattoos. they were merely found for shits and giggles. i won't even begin to post the one that pregger laura picked out...so it's tattin' time and YB assumes the position on the chair. the ever so supportive BFF that i am, sat beside her and held her hand as she clenched her teeth down on a wooden tongue suppressor. it was a sight. a hilarious one. at one point, she was squeezing my hand so tight that she left fingernail marks in my skin. i giggled in pain as she made sounds that resembled delivery moans. did i mention that it was hilarious? it took all of 10-15 minutes as she had a room full watch. here are some pics...this next picture is of the final result and an extremely odd telephone poll that stood outside the tattoo parlor. it had cell phones, remotes, and other gadgets nailed to it. YB decided to phone a friend, but sadly, it wasn't operating. damn.we all weren't quite ready to go home. not yet. after all, when hubs gives you a free hall pass, you might as well make the most out of it. so we headed over to parkside bar in the avondale area. thanks to gina, it was our first time to walk inside the place and it was super quaint and edgy. we loved it as we sat outside on the patio enjoying drinks and chatter. overall, it was a great girls night out. love the tat, YB!


*Yankee Belle* said...

Thank you for being a friend. LOL - I think my nail marks in your hand may have hurt worse than the tat itself. Great times, great times. As always.