Thursday, June 17, 2010

thursday's thoughts

1.) i have now decided that my "thursday's thirteen" will forever be renamed to "thursday's thoughts." for you see, some times my mind is in overdrive. so many thoughts, so many sayings, so much verbal diarrhea. then there are days where i gots absolutely nothing. not a creative bone in my body because it has been beatin' by daily routines. so lucky you (or is it me?), there will be no limitation to 13. enjoy!

2.) i love when the oldest threatens to never play golf again with daddy if he is not nice to her. #AGirlAfterMyOwnHeart

3.) have you ever seen the episode of The Cosby Show where mr. and mrs. huxtable whisper things to rudy so that she will relay the messages to each other even though they are sitting only a few feet away and in the same room? i remember loving this episode as a little girl. i thought it was sweet, funny, and all round a wholesome little family connection through conversation. well now, jay and i will do this and use the mabster as our middle man. it really is a lot of fun, and quite honestly, i'm impressed with what i can get away with by using the cute kid. i knew the cosby show would live with me forever.

4.) Advantages of being a big girl: not walking out of "Charming Charlie" with everything in the store. Because if I could, I most certainly would.

5.) the other day, jay came home with a new wireless router and modem...i laughed at him as i watched him practically get a hard on as he put the thing together. i called him a dork because i didn't get how he can feel so much enthusiasm for a faster internet when i never thought ours was slow...UNTIL MY GOD, i started blogging and the pics were uploading faster than lightening. i felt the tingle and excitement that i made fun of jay for. moral of story: so glad i married a computer dork when advanced technology is swarming around everywhere and i am obviously oblivious to it all.

6.) lyla received her very first pedicure over the weekend thanks to lola. lola said that as soon as she was done, lyla stood up and did a happy dance. this does not surprise me.

7.) RT @PAT4CCR: A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. ~Author Unknown

8.) the mabster found some scissors and went to cutting while mommy wasn't looking the other day. the victim? strawberry shortcake and her red curly locks. then she turned the scissors over on herself thus cutting a tiny strand of a short bang that now falls to the side of her face. i sat her down. we had the talk. needless to say, the scissors now have a new home and it's no longer in the kitchen "junk drawer." oh well. it could have been a lot worse i suppose. my apologies, shortcake.

9.) tonight, we're headed to a shrimp boil at the haswell's home as a "wedding eve eve" party for the special soon to be bride and groom. then on saturday night, we'll be attending dave and stephanie's wedding. this one should be a fun one. and by fun, i mean BIG FRATASTIC FUN. i heart wedding weekends.

10.) the mabster is taking her first swimming lessons this week. i am so proud of how much she has come along with it all. i will definitely have to update this blog accordingly once they have their "popsicle party" on friday where the kiddos show us everything they have learned.

11.) fixed my own hair thanks to an over the counter box of revlon #80 since my previous highlights made me look like a blonde filipina...and well, we all know that those don't naturally exists. i toned it down much better now. not to mention, it helps me sleep at night without worrying about it. because yes, that's just another tiny thing that keeps me awake at night. (note: there's 10% of truth to every joke.)

12.) next thursday, jay and i will be leaving for a romantic getaway to the bahamas (st. thomas to be exact) in honor of celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary that weekend. the whole thing started off as a surprise for me, but we all know how bad i am about surprises. i just have to know. anyhooters. we're calling it our "sunnymoon" considering it has a lot of potential to be better than our honeymoon was. if that's even possible. it's all inclusive and i plan to drink myself silly perhaps all 5 nights that we are there. just the two of us. no distractions like kids, cell phones, and computers...i won't even know what to do with myself. hoooooty-hoot, are we there yet!?!

13.) Mabsterisms #748: saying, "I couldn't believe my eyes!!"

14.) i've got the baby itch. and i've got it BAD. after our sunnymoon, it's time to "let the games begin!!" (spoken in a gladiator voice) i'm hoping for 3 before 30. then i want my 30s to render me a MILF as i try to look the best i never have. i want to hold this next and last baby and know that our family is now complete. get jay snipped. savor the moments. and then travel the world. i may be too much of an optimistic, but damn it, these are the things i would love to happen. and if it doesn't, i'll just continue to daydream about it till i'm old and gray. because if you don't have dreams...then what do you have?

15.) Cuteness: watching my girls "pretend play" with their new Barbies that Daddy surprised them with. he truly is a stellar father i tell you.

16.) the other day while lola and pawpaw watched the girls for us, lola said that she told the mabster to do xyz only for her to respond back with "i don't have to...i'm a little lola." lola said she laughed and asked her "where did she hear such a thing?" then the nearly 4 y/o pointed all fingers on her tita karmie and said that she was the one who told her that. NICE. however with all seriousness, my child really is a "little lola." god love it.

17.) Cleaning out Big Bertha in this heat > working out at the gym. #SweatinLikeAWhoreInChurch Good gravy, it's hot as balls outside!! #SchwettyBalls


Elizabeth said...

I'm soooo excited that your Thursdays Thirteen are now Thursdays Thoughts and thus infinite!!!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I totally remember that Cosby episode!!! Have a wonderful time in the Bahamas - I am so green with jealousy :)

Kim said...

hehe, thanks you guys! xoxo

Karla said...

You and Jay with NO computers or cell phones?? I don't believe it!!! Haha, ya'll have a blast! We'll miss ya'll!