Thursday, June 10, 2010

thursday's twenty (to make up for last week's)

1.) toddler's latest hobbies include: lights- on/off, doors- open/close, blinds-ruffle/straighten, mommy's patience- upset/ease. #LoveThatKid

2.) RT @capricecrane: The iPhone has an app called "FatBooth," which makes anyone look fat... also known as: "Going Away to College."

3.) last week, i canceled my myspace account. haven't even been on the thing in over 2 years. yowzas. dude, that felt uplifting. #FarewellCreeps

4.) two weeks ago, lyla escaped her crib & busted her top lip. ladies and gentlemen, we have a jumper. #AndSoItBegins luckily, she hasn't attempted another jump. perhaps now she knows better? ((this is me crossing my fingers))

5.) The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes. - Benjamin Disraeli

6.) i swear i can't change the channel fast enough once the 700 club comes on after the today show every morning. #DearGodHelpMe

7.) All-Bran Strawberry Medley: Lunch of Champions

8.) this weekend's festivities include the blackenberry's slip-n-slide extravaganza (no kids allowed) (we're sooo excited about this) and a bridal shower for our dear friend slammy. looking ahead, the mabster will start her swimming lessons next week along with the summer session of gymnastics. let the fun begin!

9.) The hint of a sunburn on a previous tan is absolutely admirable. #MommyLovey

10.) Dear Target, really sorry about that busted up tub of detergent in aisle 4. Sincerely, Butterfinger. #FML

11.) fairly certain that my ears will possibly hemorrhage if the nearly 4 y/o doesn't stop singing, "money can't buy my class." #RealHousewives

12.) this stormy weather is nap-inducing. #SomeoneHoldMe #PreferToBeTheInnerSpoon

13.) RT @PAT4CCR: If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders. ~Abigail Van Buren

14.) "You have a baby...At Brewfest!" #SweetHomeAlabama

15.) Left the lake & ate dinner at Jim-n-Nick's where later Tita Karla & Uncle Tre walked in for their hot date night. Shortly after, Jay sends the mabster over to their table where she tells them, "You guys look like y'all need a kid." #AbsolutelyHilarious

16.) welcome to the land of no more binkies. ya'll it was so easy. sweet little lyla never even knew they were gone. i firmly believe that most of the time, breaking habits of toddlers is harder on the parents than them. you're a big girl, lyla bug!

17.) RT @PAT4CCR "7 Things To Do" #5 Make friendship a fine art. {Teach social skills-Encourage group activities. Arrange play dates.}

18.) yesterday, i could not seem to locate my cell phone. i was fairly certain that the inadequacy shakes would overcome me. i prayed to st. anthony, looked in every couch, and turned over every room...except for the corner on my side of the bed where jay left it charging for me. oops. #EpicFail

19.) Apparently there aren't enough vampire shows because every preview I see is a new one. #Overrated

20.) it's that time again: to get my hair done did. the roots are looking rough and a trim is in dire need. not to mention, a head massage and shampoo sounds fan-freakin-tastic. c'mon friday!