Friday, June 11, 2010

TreeTop Family Adventure

so there's a new place off of 280 that opened up not too long ago called, "treetop family adventure." i heard the place was fun so i threw it up last minute on the mom's board to see if anyone else wanted to tag along and bring the kiddos. so we met up at the treetop fantasy forest where kids under 2 are free, ages 2-10 are $3.50, and adults are free with child. dude, it was awesome. indoor, they had: laser tag, laser maze, mini bowling, arcade, and the treehouse playground. outside, there were go carts, miniature golf, and water wars. of course, we didn't get to enjoy all of the activities they had to offer, but that's okay...we WILL be back. here are some pics...lastly, we had the whole younger section to ourselves and laid out on the leather sofas while watching the big screen tv and the kids in the closed off area. also, there was always someone monitoring the door to the treehouse just to make sure no one was nice and less stressful than the norm. don't believe me? take a look at heather and YB...