Thursday, June 17, 2010

wedding eve eve party

tonight jay and i attended a bridal shower/shrimp boil in honor of dave and stephanie's upcoming nuptials. the location was set at the haswell's home and was called a "wedding eve eve party" considering their big day takes place on saturday. so the shrimp boil begins at 6:30pm where the backyard is set up super cute with a keg in one corner and bates preparing the pot in the other. drew and heather were there with sweet baby ava, and ovaries were SCUH-CREAMING. she was absolutely precious. from this point on, all the girls gathered around and babbled about babies. here are some pics...the night was a lot of fun. the guys made fun of each other endlessly and it seems that certain pi kapp jokes never get old even 11 years later. i love these boys, ya'll. they are like brothers i never had and buddies that jay will always be bonded to. on a side note, it was funny when dave went to introduce me to his fiance's dad and said, "this is jason douglas'..." and before finishing, i may or may not have cut him off and said, "trophy wife." oh yes i did. it was hilarious. here's a picture of the guys frattin' it up and glorifying the khakis and polos...and why yes like any great party, the dixie cups were in abundance. these next two pics are of jay with his pledge class brothers. this is all of them with the exception of 3 (bowdoin, helton, and barnett). i'm not gonna brag on them because what i speak is the truth...but this pledge class was once the backbone and life of pi kappa phi fraternity at UAB. and they all are STILL just as tight as they were throughout their college years. i don't care who you are, that's pretty damn impressive. here are some pics. supposedly in the last one, they are "locking up" and looking towards the stars as if some hazing ritual was taking place...oh, and thanks to tony who texted me this pic, i am reminded of the funniest damn thing that happened all bencina orders himself a pizza (the man doesn't eat seafood. not sure if he's allergic or what, but he doesn't touch it). well some of us were sitting in the den watching the basketball game when the pizza guy walks up with his delivery. tony (as in ceasar) answers the door, takes the pizza, and signs for it. soon it became a game of "hide-and-go-seek" as bencina tried to locate his pizza. but that's not the funny part. turns out tony tipped the guy 20 bucks on an $11 tab. so bencina ended up paying $30 for one small pizza and a whollatta bantering from his buddies. it was classic and so full of win. here are some pics...the first one: a picture of the receipt for good measure. the second one: a picture of the original lakeshore landing crew (tony, jay, and drew). the third one: the future mr. and mrs. king.overall, it was a great night to get out for a bit with some good ole' college friends. i really enjoy nights like this since it reminds me so much of jay and i's past together and the common connection with mutual companions.

lastly, after the party we went to pick up the girls at nana lin's house. it was the sweetest sight as we walked into the kitchen and they were all sitting side by side watching a roller coaster video on the computer and acting as if they were really riding on it. also, the mabster made 3 bracelets and a necklace with the help of nana lin. she was so proud as she showed them to us and was nearly brought to tears as i told her that she couldn't sleep with them. she absolutely adores her newly made craft project of beads and pink hearts. thank you, nana lin. sweet surprises like that are her favorite!