Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of july weekend: day 1

here begins the start of one very long, fun, eventful weekend. i will try to recollect the happenings through the pics. enjoy the ride, my friends. here it goes...friday was a day of unloading all of the ginormous amounts of groceries and trying to fit them into 2 refrigerators and a couple of ice chests. the men (jay and pawpaw) brought up more meat to grill than the average living in a small jungle. no lie. name an animal. a body part of an animal. yep, it was there. ready to be smoked, grilled, broiled, fried...however the hell you feel like eating it. okay. where was i?

so everything is settled in and located in it's appropriate place. ribs are marinating while a boston butt is being smoked to perfection. we walk down to the dock where we meet up with the mitchelle gang and swim, float, ride the sea-doo, etc. it was fun and low-key. we came back up where lola had made spaghetti for dinner, and then later, the mabster helped daddy make some rice krispy treats for dessert. after wards, lyla babbled her own version of a bedtime story and the rest was history. day one of fourth of july weekend: completed.