Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of july weekend: day 2

today, we decided to invite some close friends up for the lake holiday festivities. the girls made yet another fort in the sunroom equipped with a bottle of bbq sauce for all. that was the mabster's special instruction. in fact, she made sure of it and got annoyed if you tried to put said bottle back on the table. she was going to have a picnic with friends. in her fort. she's thoughtful like that. meanwhile, jay concocted a batch of pina coladas for lola and gang as we all sang, "if you like pina coladas..." okay, so maybe i was the only one singing it. still. whatevs. everyone is prepping their dishes and the table. soon the feast was laid out upon us all, and everyone enjoyed eating lunch. before eating however, YB and i hijacked a quick pic with BM...because we all know just how much she loves them. hehe. here are some pics...after making the kiddos their plates and then later our own, we eat and then head down to the water. we all swam and chatted beside the dock while some enjoyed riding and making waves with the sea-doo. later, we cruised around in the boat and took some of the kids tubing. we stayed out for hours, soaking up the sun and again, just swimming and floating beside the pier with our beverage of choice. here are some pics...after playing outside all day, everyone came back up and made another plate for dinner. what is it about being out in the water and sun that makes that second meal so much better? i have no idea, but it was good. soon it was getting dark, and all of our guests had left for the ride back home. the mabster insisted that pawpaw go on an "adventure" with her so they ended up walking back and forth on the back dirt road and picking wild flowers. upon arrival back inside the lakehouse, she showed me the pretty princess flower crown that pawpaw had made for it. she was so excited about it, and it was super sweet. shortly after, we threw the munchkins in their pajamas and they piled on top of lola for a group hug before bed time. memories at the lake...there's nothing sweeter.