Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of july weekend: day 3

the glorious 4th of july was finally upon us! we woke up and donned our best red, white, and blue attire. as tradition, we took our holiday pics out on the front porch swing and later, in front of the big american flag that pawpaw had displayed on a big tree beside the mailbox. it was hilarious trying to round up all the little monkeys and make sure that they were still enough for a quick pic. after wards, they played in the sand while making a sandcastle with the flag standing strong in the middle. happy birthday, america!so today was when our out-of-town guests (cousins from atlanta and california) were driving up to enjoy 2 days at the lake with us. tita flor, maress, matt, hannah, and elise arrived, got settled, and then we all sat in the sunroom while catching up and eating a late lunch. they brought gifts for the kids as an "ice breaker" and they absolutely LOVED them. the mabster received a zhu zhu pet with accessories, the toshy received a musical radio, and carson received an arrow flyer launcher. it was so much fun watching all the kiddos play together. here are some pics...after the girls played "ring around the rosies" on top of the bed for awhile, we all got suited up and headed down to the lake for a relaxing swim. mamaw came over too for the day, and we all just enjoyed hanging out. tita flor and lola enjoyed sharing a seat on the same float as they giggled at each other while trying to later get out. while swimming, nana lin and uncle germy come over for a visit where the mabster showed nana lin how great she swims now (ya know, head under water with floaties on, of course :D). we all keep swimming, and then later, jay took us cruising around on the boat for a scenic view of the area. here are some pics...a couple of hours pass and we're all back at the lakehouse eating dinner before the fireworks start. towards the end of dinner, jay received a phone call from his sister jess, reporting that per facebook the restaurant was on fire. long story short: nana lin and papa john rush back home to make sure everything is okay. and it was. crisis averted. it was just a small fire to the adjacent building. jay receives confirming texts from his mom and relief is shared. so off to view the beautiful fireworks over the water, we go! it was beautiful. the kids loved it, and i loved watching the reflections bounce off their little faces. btw, the weather felt amazing. almost like a fall day with low humidity, windy, but upper 80s. we bundled up on the boat with blankets as we headed back home where we let the little ones play with sparklers before bed time. the adults had fun with them too. overall, it was a great 4th of july!