Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of july weekend: day 4

today was our last day at the lake with our out of state cousins. both karmie and karla had to work on monday so they both left after the fireworks the night before. we wake up on monday morning to breakfast and beautiful weather. the girls are playing awesome with each other. i really appreciate when all the kiddos can get along easily with each other. it speaks volumes to me.

so lola and tita flor decide that today, they want to go swimming in the lake. no biggie, right? well to say tita flor was a bit nervous is an understatement. bless her little heart, i could tell she was terrified. she didn't quite believe that her life jacket would keep her afloat. the running joke came from matt who said, "you two come from the land of a thousand islands and neither one know how to swim!?" it was hilarious.

then our next door neighbor pulled over to our dock with his boat and introduced himself to all of us while he talked with jay for awhile. it was nice and comforting knowing that we have good neighbors with kids that are our kids ages. we cruised around on the boat for about 3-4 hours until both the girls fell asleep. the perfect relaxing ending to a crazy busy weekend of fun.