Saturday, July 31, 2010

jessi's 30th birthday dinner

so after brand and lisa's shindig, jay and i headed over to brio's for dinner around 7:30pm in honor of jessi's 30th birthday. it was a special event considering that we haven't seen each other in months since the birthday girl lives in pennsylvania and came into town just for her special day. it really did feel nice to catch up with everyone since our days in sorority and college are long long gone. we had some of the BEST times together, and it was fun to have hubster there to chime in on some of the memories that were made at the music hall our freshman year...even our "nasty dancer" emily peers was there, and courty flew in from cali. also, talley surprised the birthday girls with a chocolate/peanut butter cake from edgar's. it was delicious. here are some pics...furthermore, dinner was excellent and the company felt like reliving old times again. that's what i love about these girls...even though we don't see each other as much as we would like, we can always pick up like absolutely no time has kept us apart. this next picture is of the original CV's ("CV" stands for colonial village because that's the apartment off 280 where jessi, courty, and talley use to live during college...we practically lived there too since we always got ready before every event there, slumber parties, etc.) it was great to be reunited again since the last time we all came together was for jessi's wedding last year. now we get to see each other again at the end of this month for slammy's wedding. overall, happy dirty 30 to jessi and julie...and LONG LIVE THE CVs!!! love you bitches.

lisa & brand's summer party 2010

saturday, the summer party of 2010 kicked off at the brand's home around 4:00pm. they had the most awesomest set up i have ever seen. from a huge pool in the driveway to slip-n-slides, corn hole, volleyball, pork grilling, cupcake heaven (thanks to katie b. roncadori), and everything in between, it was overflowing with "good times." here are some pics...shortly after arriving, we all jump in the pool. the water felt great...i'm just glad i didn't get back in it by the end of the night considering everyone stayed in there for hours and yet no one got out to pee...yet everyone had been drinking all day. hmmmm...blech. anyhooters, so everyone starts doing the "whirlpool" as they circled behind each other. floaties and drinks were definitely not safe. BOOM!! here are some pics...lisa even dressed up their dog "lulu" in the old bikini i brought. it's amazing how a simple status is made on facebook, and then a plan comes together. frank set up the huge slip-n-slide in the front yard where chance tested it out. last but certainly not least, i may or may not have molested edward when karla maria brought out the twilight cut out that was living inside their garage. also please notice that KM is pulling the heisman on bella's face so that she can get her sugary kisses all up on jacob. good times, i tell ya...good times.

happy 4th birthday, zosia!

saturday morning, we attended zosia's birthday party at the children's dance foundation from 10:30 to 12:30pm. her theme was "princesses" and she wore the cutest little hat. as we watched the girls dance inside their room, i talked with some of the other moms. come to find out, the mabster will be in the same class as a lot of the other girls that she went to MDO with (for example: anna cate, molly, zosia, julianna, hannah, and petra). not to mention, the same dance class at CDF come the fall. as a mother, it's nice to find tid bits like that out. it's reassurance for me and my kid knowing that she will still get to see some of the friends she has made over the last year. my oldest is entering 4K, ya'll...i'm not sure if i'm ready for this. lol. happy 4th birthday, zosia!

Friday, July 30, 2010

summer sun & swimming

YB and i decided to take the girls swimming again at homewood pool. the weather was perfect, the girls had a blast, and more importantly, mommy got an awesome tan. we played for a couple of hours, brought lunch, and ate it upstairs at the picnic tables. then, we swam some more. all in all, a great day since naps were immediately had once we got home. these kinda days are my utmost favorite. just trying to soak it all up before school starts back up. also, the last pic is of big B and the mabster wearing the super cute towel dresses that grands made for them. i love having family outside my own family that spoils my kiddos like their own. thank you so much, grands! here are some pics...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

moms night out: dinner at chuy's

thursday marked our monthly moms night out where we met up at chuy's around 7:00pm for dinner. some of us arrived early so that we could put our name on the list and do some nearby shopping at charming charlie. LOVE.THAT.PLACE. soon everyone arrived and we sat outside for some patio drinks before our meal. later, we were placed at our table inside where we ordered and chatted all night. related: this dinner was also in honor of shannon's last hoorah with all of us before she left to move back home in NOLA. it was a wonderful night with great friends who just keep getting closer and closer throughout these years. we'll miss you, shannon! but at least we will always make time for a future girls trip to see you. XOXO

thursday's thoughts

1.) Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things. -Robert Brault

2.) Rumor has it that Olive Garden is coming an exit down from my house. If this is true, I will die and go to Heaven. #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue

3.) Just lost about 60 pounds. And by 60 lbs, I mean 2 kids. Mommy and Daddy time, beyotches!! #NecesitoVino

4.) RT @YankeBell: Is so thankful 2 have made friendships that extends past the kids.

5.) Surely lil ceasar guy who dances in street makes more than minimum wage. Bc amount alone is not worth ridicule & embarrassment. #StayInSchool

6.) Is smothered in Disney stickers. Fairies, birdies, and princesses, oh my!

7.) Skating bday party to pool bday party to babysitters to adult housewarming party & finally home. #IveNeverBeenSoTiredYetHadSoMuchFun

8.) "Why don't you find some chipper and wear it." That's how I feel right now. #MommyNeedsANap

9.) Jay- Q: "How do you trap a Filipino?" A: "Use potluck." #TeeHeeHee

10.) Wanna know what's better than spaghetti for dinner? How abouts LEFTOVER spaghetti for lunch!! #ScrumptiousDeliumptious

11.) So glad that nothing is on our agenda today so that I can take back this house. #BigOleMess #DrowningInBdayClutter #YetStillSoThankful

12.) Strongly considering opening up my own etsy shop since the mabster has created a gazillion beaded necklaces today. #ThanksNanaLin

13.) Endured a fierce cardio workout today via the cybex machine. It really helped to alleviate the guilt of my non-nutritional weekend. #ILoveFood

14.) RT @msklk08: other working title for bachelorpad: best little whorehouse in hollywood #bachelorette

15.) Holy thunder, batman!!! I swear if you wake up my kiddos (who surprisingly fell asleep early), I will have your head! #TheRainIsNiceThough

16.) Workout was great de-stressor. That is until tv in front of me showed a segment on Octomom. Then I just became disgustingly stressed. Shame on you, Oprah.

17.) Writing out thank you's for oldest's birthday & addressing invitations for the upcoming youngest's. These back to back bdays are going to be the death of me.

18.) Life lesson #747 per Tita Karmie's mouth to my kid: "It's okay to kick in the head if someone is attacking you. Such as a dog. It's ok." ((shaking head))

19.) RT @HisHoliness: When a positive goal has been set, you should pursue it all the way to the end. Even if it's not realized, at least there will be no regret.

20.) Dear Fairy Godmother, please grant my wish of one more baby. Just one. I'll never ask for anything else ever again. #HappilyEverAfter

21.) Word of the hour from our waitress at Outback: "Absolutely!" #ShesOnlySaidIt27TimesSoFar

22.) Nothing like dancing and singing to Mama Mia while in the shower to start the day off right. #GoodDaySunshine

23.) At Tree Top Family Adventure watching @YankeBell hijack @Mommatootoo's new phone. And the fun never stops...

24.) Words to Live By: "Be patient, silly girl" said to lil sis from big sis. #MyMiniMommy

25.) Gave myself a time out & headed downstairs. After thinking the world couldn't possibly get any better, I hear the hubster vacuuming from upstairs. #CouldItReallyBe?

26.) moms night out is tonight followed by one awesome weekend of festivities. looking forward to it all, especially the weekend since it's my most absolute favorite.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

barbie mania

so i never really played with barbies when i was was only till i had girls of my own. now, they're every where...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

family reunion 2010

on sunday, we drove up to the lake for the williamson family reunion at jones chapel from noon till 2:00pm. like every year, it's potluck where you bring a dish and your family. it's pretty much casserole heaven, and we always look forward to it. lol. we arrive, say hello's, chase kids, quiet them down, and then say blessing before eating lunch. it was kinda sad to hear the many deaths that took place within our extended family this year, but felt good to hear when the older ladies told us that having our little kids around made them feel good. lola agreed and told them that it helps her to feel young. gotta love it. jay and the girls posed for a quick pic with mamaw while cousin carson shoved a whole roll in his mouth. soon after, tita karmie rendered herself defeated as she tried to eat one last cupcake. it was hilarious. not to mention, that the kids got to pick out a surprise from the table, and the adults got to pick out beautiful flowers. here are some pics...after the reunion was over, we all drove down to the lakehouse. we suited up the kids and got ready for a swim. after saturday's festivities, it was nice just to relax. soon SA and LT came over for a visit, and jay took us all out for a cruise around the lake. dude, i almost forgot how much i love and have missed it...the wind in my hair, an awesome ipod playlist, and the wonder of god's country surrounding us felt amazing. this is by far my favorite thing about going to the lake. just cruising around, thinking, and letting troubles roll of of you. it's like damn therapy for a hectic life. mommy lovey.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

singerpalooza 2010

apparently, it was the day that never ended...don't get me wrong, everything that we attended was a lot of fun, but by the end of the day, we were exhausted. so after claire bear's birthday party, we dropped the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house for a few hours while we attended the singer's housewarming party around 7:00pm. we were so excited to have a kidless night with friends and relax with some booze...that always takes the edge off, right? but of course. we arrive at the singer home and it's absolutely beautiful. also, brenda had put together a slideshow that was being played in the upstairs den. we all sat on the couches, chatted, laughed, and screamed at some of the old pics that were being displayed. it was pretty funny. here are some pics...throughout the night, us girls kept going up and down the stairs to refill our drinks while the guys secured their seats on the couches. later, brenda allowed us to take a tour, and we were very happy to be celebrating with her and her family in their new home. congrats you guys, it's beautiful! oh, and the pool looked so very tempting...

happy 2nd birthday, claire bear!!

saturday after the mabster's birthday party, we geared up for another one in honor of claire bear's 2nd birthday. the theme: DORA!! it was intended to be a pool party at the maloney's home, but the rain forced everyone in during the first hour. in all honesty, it worked out really well considering the kiddos all got to play together while eating pizza. soon we all sang happy birthday to claire bear as we watched her blow out her candle on her super cute cake. here are some pics...after everyone finished eating birthday cake, a pleasant visitor made a surprise visit for the kids. whattayaknow, it was gigantic-headed dora herself!! the girls absolutely loved seeing her while the adults laughed as comments like, "mommy, why does dora smell like beer?" and "why is dora's belly bigger than santa's?" it was hysterical. here are some pics...shortly after, the rain had stopped and everyone decided to hang out outside. the munchkins put on their bathing suits and we all took a refreshing dip in the pool. all in all, it was a great birthday party for a sweet special girl. happy birthday, claire bear. we love you! XOXO