Saturday, July 24, 2010

abby's 4th birthday party!

saturday, we celebrated the mabster's birthday at funtime skate center which is located just minutes from our house. the party was held from 12:00-2:00pm where kids of all ages could enjoy the fun which is rollerskating. i took a picture of the girls' outfits before they wore them because i knew they wouldn't be still long enough to be caught while being worn. the shirts were made by maloney at and the shorts were made by the nan. the girls absolutely loved them, and mommy did too. thank you, you guys! here are the the fun begins and soon everyone is in skates going lap after lap. it was the first time ever for rollerskating for some of the kiddos. furthermore, it had been over 20 years for some of the moms and dads to give it a go as well. surprisingly, everyone did great with an occasional fall or flailing of arms here and there. more importantly, there were no broken bones but buckets full of laughter. here are some pics...while others skated, the mabster sat beside uncle tony for a majority of the time and insisted on finishing her ariel puzzle. she's a persistent little one. i figured it's her birthday, she can do what she wants. meanwhile, other family and friends enjoyed socializing together as they watched the skaters go by. i was so glad that we were allowed out on the rink with our sandals on to help with the little ones and of course, to catch some awesome soon an hour passes and the DJ calls our group on unto the middle of the rink where we screamed happy birthday chants to abby. she was so utterly sweet as she just stood there frozen by her bashfulness. i love that kid. somehow i felt the need to rescue her as i crouched down beside her. in all honesty, we really are a rowdy bunch...i'm sure the screaming was a bit much. nahhhh. soon after, we took a group picture because why yes, they are my favorite.after capturing the group pic, it was 1:15pm and her designated party room was ready for us. the munchkins all piled in as they inhaled pizza and drinks. then we all sang happy birthday as the mabster blew out the candle on her disney princesses cake. once everyone finished eating (thanks to nana lin, aka the professional and speedy cake-cutter), we let her open up her presents (thanks to karla maria and lola for the organization and documenting. as well as tita karmie who distracted lyla from wanting to open them up herself. i would have definitely lost my sanity if it weren't for you guys. huge thanks.) since i forgot to take a pic of her in the process of opening up her loot, i took a display picture once we got home. she totally racked up on a ton of her favorite stuff. overall, thank you so much for all those who came to help in her celebration. she had a blast and we are all so appreciative to know that our newly 4 year old is surrounded by great friends of whom she asks to play with every day. you guys are the best, and happy birthday, mabster. we love you like crazy! XOXO


*Yankee Belle* said...

Happy Birthday Mabster! We love you!!! xoxo